10 kilometers, 40 minutes. How hard is that?

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10km is a distance that many runners often train for, and it is also a popular distance that everyone likes to run. Basically, the time to complete it is about an hour, but to achieve better results in the race, you need to pay hard work and high-quality training.How hard is it to run 10 kilometers in 40 minutes?Today, I want to talk to you about the average runner to improve 10 km, how to train?10km is the foundation of long-distance running, which has high requirements for runners’ aerobic endurance level and lactic acid tolerance. Therefore, in general, if you want to improve performance, you generally start with two training methods, mainly “speed” training and “endurance” training.Improving a runner’s speed endurance is even more important than improving aerobic endurance, because only improving a runner’s speed endurance can effectively improve lactic acid tolerance, so that a runner’s specific ability can be improved.Of course, there is another method is to use increased exercise training mode, through a large amount of exercise to improve aerobic endurance, promote a runner’s “flat running” ability, such training the next runner’s lactic acid resistance will naturally not be poor.However, for the general public, it is still a little difficult to run 10km into 40 minutes. Usually, there is no deliberate professional training, and I think few people can easily run this result. After all, they have high requirements on speed, endurance and core strength.In the training mode of many professional middle and long distance runners in China, we can see that they all practice aerobic endurance level in the early stage as the basis for the improvement of speed endurance in the later stage.Secondly, we attach great importance to the improvement of core strength. First, we do this in order to support runners to bear greater training load.Second, to improve speed must be strong core strength ability.When your aerobic endurance and core strength are at a good level, it’s time to do interval training, preferably at a higher intensity, to build up a runner’s speed endurance.Generally speaking, if you want to run 10km well, you still need to pay a certain amount of practical action. If you want to get PB within 40 minutes, then you must lay a good foundation of aerobic training, guarantee core training, and improve anaerobic ability is the last key.In other words, your endurance, speed, and speed endurance all need to be developed in tandem with your training so that you can achieve new breakthroughs in the future.Xiaobian recommends 10 km into 40 minutes training method: relax run: 10 ~ 15 km, at an average pace of 5 minutes training;Pace running: 8-10 km pace running, improve the pace, the best control in about 4 minutes;400-meter interval running: high-intensity interval training in 8 groups of 400-meter, with 84 seconds for each group and 2-3 minutes rest in between;Rhythm run: Run at a pace of about 30 minutes, up and down for 4 minutes and 30 seconds;1600m interval running: interval training in group 4 of 1600m should be conducted within 6-7 minutes per 1600m, and 5-6 minutes should be paid attention to in between.The above can be reasonably arranged to every day according to their weekly training plan, generally a month down, 10 km will refresh different results.10 km, what’s your personal best?Do you find it hard to break 40 as a mass runner?Feel free to leave a comment below.Love running, love life.Welcome to pay attention to xiao Fang said running, to share more running information for you!The article is purely personal opinion, only for reference.With pictures from the network, if the invasion delete!