Zhujiang Yuan Plaza continues to strengthen regular epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-07 0 By

At present, the situation of COVID-19 is grim and complex. As an open square in the central city, the Management Office of Zhujiang Yuan Square has been taking regular prevention and control measures to strengthen the prevention and control barrier since March.Will need four main entrances and exits in the square, respectively, to urge people entering the square sweep health code, code, wearing masks, thermometers and sweep to red yellow yards, temperature anomalies of personnel to persuade its return home as soon as possible to inform the residence community and health monitoring, to ensure that the red yellow yards and abnormal body temperature does not flow into the square.Insist on spraying 84 disinfection potions on the square twice a day, focusing on the rest area, direct drinking fountain, wash basin, public toilet, office and other areas, to ensure the full coverage of public facilities disinfection.Continuously carry out the epidemic prevention and control publicity work, using the original 16 loudspeakers and five newly configured loudspeakers of the music fountain system in the front square, play “COVID-19 warm tips” and “22 violations of epidemic Prevention and control” in a circular way throughout the square from 8:30 am to 6:30 PM every day;The LED electronic screen of the volunteer service station in the front square will play the epidemic prevention and control propaganda slogan, propaganda animation and “Notice on Strengthening the Screening and Management of Visitors from Key Epidems-related areas” in a circular manner to continuously improve the public’s awareness of COVID-19 prevention.Strengthen persuasion, avoid personnel gathering.Small national squares and cultural corridors gather square dancing fans and folk songs fans for singing and dancing all the year round.Camphor forest has more than 20 sets of stone tables and stools, attracting a large number of elderly people to play cards here for entertainment.Since March, the patrol squadron of the management office has strengthened the persuasion of people who gather to dance and play cards in order to reduce the gathering.At the same time, the operating shops are informed to regularly spray disinfectant and wear masks.Cooperate with the District Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters to carry out the nucleic acid testing site in Zhujiang Source Square.Arrange special personnel to maintain the order of the temporary nucleic acid testing site in the front square, set up the security line, spray disinfectant and clean the site, and ensure the smooth progress of the work at the temporary nucleic acid testing site.Text and text: Han Shuhua Yin Haiyun Editor: Dou Junwei