Nucor plans to invest $2.7 billion to build a sheet plant with an annual capacity of 3 million tons

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Nucor plans to invest $2.7 billion to build an advanced steel plant capable of producing 3 million tons of sheet metal a year in Mason County, West Virginia.Mason County has transportation and logistics advantages with the Ohio River.Nucor’s presence in the Midwest and Northeast, which are major consumer regions of sheet metal in the United States, will enhance its customer service capabilities in these regions.The new mill will be capable of producing sheet metal 84 inches wide, with a 76-inch tandem cold mill and two galvanizing lines.Of the two galvanizing lines, one is an advanced high-end automobile steel production line with comprehensive testing capacity, and the other is a high-end construction steel production line to meet the market demand of automobiles, home appliances, heavy machinery, agriculture, transportation, construction and so on.Nucor said that in addition to state-of-the-art production equipment and the best strategic location, the new plant would also have a much lower carbon footprint than competitors supplying the region.Nucor expects the project to take two years to build and is scheduled to be operational by 2024.Construction of the project still needs approval from relevant departments.Bring the world herald metal phase 5 1 content sources: copyright:, all peer originator if there is any infringement please contact deleted;The contents of this article are the author’s personal views and do not represent the views and positions of the Newspaper.Please indicate the source of reprint;If the content of the article is biased, please correct it;Please contact us if the source is wrong.Welcome to cooperate with World Metal Herald, tel: 18810506859 (same wechat number)