Three kingdoms strategy edition: Wei Dun can only sima?Old Wei Dun hung shu bow beat tiger Chen Gan Too cheng

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Rational play, moderate money.Hello everyone, I am Zhuge village husband.Wei Dun the team the first think of you once you say it must be sima Wei Dun instead of the old xu chu Wei Dun, syma Wei Dun do follow-up season with a cane than old xu chu Wei Dun is better, but the old villain to say follow-up season xu chu Wei Dun strength is also very high, a lot of players xu chu is full red just come in, let’s get together and see it.The team consists of the old guard Wei Dun composed of Xu Chu, Cao Cao and Dian Wei.This team fighting configuration is common unlike syma Wei Dun need soldiers and civilians and scraping the bone healing poison, grass boat borrow arrow the large thermal methods, and the team > > > did not choose cany then, although rattan then physical injury reduction is very strong, but the downside is big fear of burning methods and the mage team, lead to carry camp basically what team can play this don’t be afraid afraid of that.The most important thing is that the more red the team, the better red is xu Chu’s injury.The book of war added the main general Xu Chu: attack the unprepared + ghost plan;Add a full force of deputy Cao Cao book of War: ready + calm;Add full intelligence deputy Dian Wei book of war: three miles but also + defensive;First of all, the main idea of the team is cao Cao dianwei’s two guarantees to maximize the output ability and survival ability.General Xu Chu’s 33% damage bonus matches the 30% damage bonus of the front array and the 26.74% damage bonus of the rogue and his own redness attribute directly explodes.In addition, Xu Chu’s point killing ability is very strong. With high damage, he can directly kill an enemy and achieve the effect of breaking the battle. Even against the high damage reduction team and the Rattan Jia team, he can solve the battle quickly.Xu chu carrying methods cannot back to obtain the treatment effect, many players may think it will affect the recovery, but the effect is not found by the measured far worse, and the output of the effect with high damage to enemy last effect is very ideal, the main is riding a tiger is command methods from the poor and the control of various ge.And light yong Feiyan is with high damage multi-section output to kill the enemy, even if the kill can not also by the tiger difficult to repair the sword.Cao Cao was mainly used to increase xu Chu’s wounds, and his high command combined with the military script to keep Xu Chu from being killed.The amount of recovery of the enemy camp is also a guarantee for the endurance of the team. The most important thing is to increase the physics and control of the team, which is what a pure blade team needs. The benefits are greater than the amount of recovery.Avoiding his front will protect Xu Chu from the high damage mages and reduce the damage to Cao Cao, after all, Cao Cao is ready to take 15% of the damage.Dian Wei protects our general Xu Chu from general attack and counterattack can reduce the enemy’s blade damage and improve our survival rate.Enchantment with the ancient evil of the Lord can cause control multiple times to control the enemy.Xu Chu, the main general of the front vector array, provided a high damage increase and Cao Cao obtained the damage reduction effect, which further ensured the survival ability of the team.The first damage of Xu Chu, light yong and flying Yan will directly deal two thousand damage to enemy Liu Bei.Xu Chu then caused eighteen thousand damage to the enemy Liu Bei in turn.Finally, Xu Chu of our side took Liu Bei away with a general attack to achieve the breaking effect.Grand appreciate summary > > > choose to lead this team camp against shu bow bow, bow, tiger minister wu, gump too cheng is not virtual against disadvantages are riding the cavalry rode wei wu method against gun jap soldier team and shield the rhythm of the team are basically 50-50 today established Wei Dun we introduce here, if you have any better team composed of collocation of ideas, or the black play of science and technology,Welcome everyone to leave a message, I am a villager, thank you for your attention!