“Administration secretary” Wang Wenkui: earnestly masses “urgent difficult worry hope” of the matter do well

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“Governance secretary” is to promote the sinking of government services and management, promote the community governance to break the situation, effectively deal with the “urgent and difficult” things of the masses, win the full trust of the people, and form a beneficial exploration of co-construction, co-governance and shared governance pattern.Fengtai district landscaping bureau community “administration secretary” Wang Wenkui is one of them.”Secretary Wang, this time we can do a big thing, prevent a big problem!”East highland street Wanyuan South community cadres Yang Hong ran to fengtai District landscaping bureau sinking community “governance secretary” Wang Wenkui excitedly said.Originally, in order to prevent safety problems, on December 28 last year, Wang Wenkui and Yang Hong, a community cadre, took the opportunity to promote vaccination, knocked on the door to check the registration of residents, and pulled the new tenants into the residents’ wechat group.Just two days later, new tenant Xiao Zhang’s tap water burst and water quickly flooded from the fifth floor to the downstairs.Zhang found this situation in the wechat group, and quickly returned from the work, with the community and property management personnel have been on the scene to close the burst water pipe, clean up the water in each floor room.Secretary Wang and Yang Hong together to check the damage of each floor, and the residents negotiate compensation, has been unanimously recognized by the residents.As a result of the timely discovery, cleaning up quickly, although the flood is very large, but no one complained.After the event, Zhang said in fear, “If I don’t join the group, when I get off work at 10 o ‘clock in the evening, the water flooded the whole building, can’t afford to compensate.”At the beginning of registering for work in the community, the grid member of the community handed over the difficult problems of stock to Secretary Wang, including 16 basements soaked in water with the deepest depth of more than 20 centimeters. The water lasted for more than three months, and the smell was very strong. Residents often complained.Secretary Wang made a field inspection and found that the basement of 16 buildings was not handed over to the property management during the period of “three supply and one business”, so the residents locked it up by themselves and no one cleaned it. The basement also seeped water for a long time, which made the smell very strong.”The basement has not been handed over, this is the matter of the ownership unit,” the property said.”Although the basement has not been handed over, but the leakage is a problem in the pipe network, is the matter of the property,” the property unit said.The more water seeped into the basement, the more it smelled.That’s not going to work.On December 15 last year, half a month after taking office, Secretary Wang began to sit down with the property owners, property units and owners’ committees to discuss solutions.It is preliminarily determined that the property right unit shall be responsible for the cooperation of the property.Two sent a person on the spot to check, decided to pump first.”With such a large basement, there is no leakage point. Pumping water alone cannot solve the fundamental problem.””Said the workman.A week passed and there was no change.Two weeks passed and it was the same.Look for property, look for property right unit to solve namely.Then look for property ownership units, look for property managers, look for property managers, look for workers.Secretary Wang kept looking for coordination, again and again under the basement to check the situation.”The basement can’t produce its own water, it must be the pipe network, tap water is no problem, sewage well is the most likely, open sewage well”, Secretary Wang on-site command.As soon as the sewage well was opened, I looked at the full sewage and said, “Dredge it first. If there is less water in the basement after dredging, there is a high probability that the leakage point will be here.”A few days later, Secretary Wang went down to the first room. The water was almost dry. The problem of seepage for several months was finally solved.With patience and perseverance, Secretary Wang solved another thorny problem.Resident Xiao Zhang is a well-known complaint “professional”, 13 complaints a year, and in the return visit to give “double no”, governance contradictions are self-evident.”In 10 days, 18 phone calls, 29 wechat interactions and four face-to-face meetings.A very difficult complainant has said thank you many times and the most concerned complaint has been resolved.Through continuous communication and patient conversations, I finally gained Zhang’s understanding and trust, and the problem was successfully solved. Zhang said that you really impressed me that “sincerity can make a breakthrough”.As the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China has said, “In the final analysis, the affairs of thousands of people are the affairs of thousands of families.”In the past month, Wang Wenkui has been working with the community members to take the initiative to manage the sinking community without resorting to lawsuits.With the support of the streets and communities, he has held more than 10 coordination meetings to find out difficulties and decide measures together with property ownership units, property owners, greening companies and owners’ committees.After the spring, the road surface is repaired, the entrance guard is installed, and the water seepage of the wall is remedied.Through the “whistle reporting” mechanism to invite district housing authority experts to study problems together, face-to-face teaching work methods;Take advantage of such opportunities as sending warmth and checking safety to knock on doors, communicate with residents in person and ask for their demands, register problems and report progress to residents in a timely manner;Through the daily inspection of the whole community, found problems timely reported to the relevant comrades and departments, a better solution to the high altitude projectile, electric vehicle charging, garbage cleaning, house decoration, green cleaning and other problems;Through the establishment of inventory appeals, new appeals, potential problems, opinion leaders and other ledger, analyze the reasons, formulate plans, and repeatedly communicate with residents with opinions to strive for cooperation.Active governance, is to take the initiative to collect problems, take the initiative to find problems, take the initiative to solve problems, step forward, before residents do not respond to complaints, timely for residents to solve problems, and strive to do not complain first.”Small problems need big fixes,” Wang said.Source Fengtai Newspaper District Landscaping bureau contributing editor production Li Na