Sanhe issued free nucleic acid test cards to people returning to work after the holiday

2022-07-05 0 By

Hebei News (Correspondent Liu Wei, Ma Haoqi, Hebei Daily reporter Zhou Yujia) recently, Sanhe City to ensure the epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production “both wrong”, research and development of sanhe city enterprise personnel after the Holiday “two-way return” work plan.Workers returning from low-risk areas, workers going to other places and commuters in Beijing and Tianjin should report to their communities (villages and streets) where they live, and each person can receive up to five free nucleic acid test cards.It is understood that 64 fixed nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in Sanhe city to provide free nucleic acid testing for those returning to work in both directions.Among them, jingdong Sino-American Hospital in the west district and Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in the East District can provide 24-hour nucleic acid sampling and testing services.Personnel returning from overseas, workers going to other places and commuters in Beijing and Tianjin can take nucleic acid samples at nucleic acid sampling sites with completed nucleic acid testing cards free of charge.Enterprises requiring more than 200 people for nucleic acid testing can report to the town, street or park where they are located, and uniformly arrange medical institutions to enter the enterprise and take nucleic acid samples with free nucleic acid testing cards.At present, all the towns, streets and parks in Sanhe city are carrying out personnel statistics and issuing free nucleic acid test cards in an orderly manner to ensure that employees return to work in time and enterprises resume work and production.At the same time, sanhe branch industrial and commercial enterprises, such as departments and towns, the park also actively for door-to-door survey, clear enterprise in staff post employment, industrial chain expansion, hui qi policy implementation, project organization to declare the wishes of the request, help solve various problems, heart services to enterprises, make enterprises feel sanhe temperature, sanhe efficiency together.According to introducing, before the Spring Festival, in order to prevent the epidemic spread caused by personnel flow, ensure enterprise production and orderly, stable employment situation, sanhe released during the Spring Festival in 2022 to help stabilize post five measures “, through to the enterprise distribution of steady employment subsidies, the phone traffic subsidies, such as “to workers DaiXun” and “wings” subsidies,And to carry out the universal benefit reading activities, to provide five measures of legal aid during the Spring Festival, heart with love as a good service enterprise “shopkeeper”.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.