People with disabilities in Panyu have zero-distance barrier-free travel

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Maybe you are an able-bodied young person, lively and optimistic, with nothing you dare not do and no place you cannot go.Then one day, you sprain your ankle and break your leg, and suddenly you find that the world is full of bumps and obstacles.A dozen steps turn into mountains that are impossible to climb, buses into spaceships that are impossible to climb, bathroom floors as smooth as an ice rink, the green lights of pedestrian traffic lights only illuminate you halfway down the street…The pace of life is always slower than others, but I do not know how many tears and sweat to pay.Walking on the blind road, you can imagine how life will go for those disabled people, pregnant mothers, babies in strollers, our grandparents whose legs are losing control as they grow older, and you in 50 years?All these require a city’s barrier-free environment construction to keep pace with The Times and the development of the city.At present, panyu district has more than 15,000 certified disabled persons and more than 100,000 elderly people over the age of 60.With economic development and social progress, panyu has made some achievements in the construction of barrier-free facilities. In urban roads, blind lanes have been built for the convenience of the blind, and stone ramps have been built for the convenience of the wheelchair-bound.In terms of buildings, large public buildings have been built with ramps for wheelchair users and the elderly to access from outdoor to indoor, as well as barrier-free facilities (stairs, elevators, telephones, toilets, handrails, wheelchair Spaces, guest rooms, etc.).At present, in Panyu, there are 572 urban roads with roadside ramps, blind roads and sidewalk safety islands for wheelchair access, 15 urban roads with pedestrian Bridges and 23 urban roads with pedestrian tunnels for barrier-free access, a rate of 90 percent.Understand the disabled travel demand in addition, also made the panyu district of disabled persons’ federation to carry out the system of urban public facilities experience member, panyu district, disabled persons’ federation jointly panyu district blindness, limb association will be 15 people originally part of barrier-free facilities experience group ascension for urban public accessibility experience member libraries, assist to resolve the acceptance understaffed experience of urban barrier free facilities,The lack of participation and limited scope of disabled people have effectively improved the safety and comfort of barrier-free facilities.A Ling, a physically disabled woman who uses a wheelchair to get around, told the reporter that “barrier-free” services enable disabled people to get out of their homes and participate in social life.At the same time, the elderly, pregnant women, infants and young children, all long-term or temporary “normal activity disability” are beneficiaries of accessibility;The “barrier-free environment” created by Panyu district not only focuses on tangible barrier-free facilities, but also emphasizes invisible barrier-free communication to achieve “zero-distance” barrier-free environment.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong Media reporter Yuan Hui Chen Guotian