How do you cut the dealer’s meat?Understand all dance with zhuang, many people do not know

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In the financial market everyone is eager to dig a gold mine, all diligently on the road, which will have such a large group of people, listen to others say there is a gold mine not far from the front, at this time the news is flying, ten, ten, at this time everyone rushed towards the gold mine;On this road to financial markets, everyone craves wealth;Almost everyone who had heard the news was marching in a long line as hard as they could in the direction of the gold, when suddenly they noticed a man;He jumped out of the gold rush, and miraculously, he walked in the opposite direction, this time everyone was puzzled and puzzled, but also in secret joy!Ha ha, the less money the better, greedy!However, they noticed that the man was walking faster and faster, and began to run faster.At this time followed in the gold brigade of a man had begun to slowly feel that something was wrong, more think more and more strange;So he analyzed the trend again. “Since ancient times,” he thought, “most of the wealth in the world has been in the hands of a few people.How to cut the dealer’s meat in a year, if you can beat the dealer even, with zhuang’s technology is also quite good;If you can cut a piece of meat to the banker, also qualified as a master.Can cut the flesh of banker, should learn to judge through banker dish mouth change circumstance, see banker build storehouse cost how, this appears crucial.New shares appear on the market, in investment fund allocation part did not appear on the market when circulation, can judge the original stock inside three days after appearing on the market, change hand rate in 100% less than the price is the cost line of banker.No matter what this new stock walks out between 100% change hands rate is big Yin line or big Yang line, the average share price during, can regard as the cost line of banker.If the share price continues to rise and change hands reached 100%, indicating that the main force by some hint and support, full confidence;When the main hand rate reached 90%, you can quickly complete the process of cangang and control, and then is the main market situation to control the stock price.Once you know the banker’s cost, you have the patience to endure the ups and downs of stock prices.And this time because of the banker already hold a position very full, urgent shipment.But banker is big fund operation, want to have the aid of favourable time and place, otherwise cannot launch market.A, within 15 minutes of opening, the turnover reached about 3%, and the trading volume was about half of yesterday, or the volume of the last trading day, but after 15 minutes of volume is estimated that the trading volume of the day and the day before;The stock showed a pull up above 60 degrees Angle.B, the opening rose more than 5%, trading for half an hour, the external plate is more than 4 times larger than the internal plate;Committee than most of the time is positive, the stock price line runs above the average price line, the volume is large.This feature is not only easy to appear on the day trading, and the next day is also easy to trading C, the opening will rise more than 3%, trading half an hour, more than 2 times bigger than the internal plate;Committee ratio is positive for most of the time, the stock price line runs above the average price line, and the trading volume is very large, this feature is easy to appear on the day trading limit.D, opening up more than 1%, closing in the morning, have been rose 5%, more than 2 times larger than outside dish inside dish, than is positive, stock line running on average line support, volume is very big, the characteristics of the stock is easy to harden E, at 2 PM in the day, stock line start up to about 45 degree Angle, volume amplification, outside dish than inside dish,The stock of this kind of characteristic tends to appear late limit.The technical characteristics of the bottom amount over the top amount of the bottom amount over the top amount: 1, the stock price in the slide after a period of time, there will be a bottom up process, generally from the head began to slide;2, the volume of the head area becomes the top amount, and when the bottom rises, the volume formed is the bottom amount;3, if the bottom amount to a large extent more than the top amount, it is easier to cause pressure on stock prices through the top amount;4, when it is found that the bottom amount is far more than the top amount, you can buy the operation;5, when the stock price rushed past the head of the moment, can quickly buy;It can be seen from the figure that the stock price started to decline from the early head, and then appeared the top amount of the early head;But after that, a staged bottom pattern was formed at the bottom, and the corresponding bottom volume had greatly exceeded the previous top volume. After that, the stock price gained the support of the average and formed a price support pattern, which also indicated that the stock price would start from the bottom.Comparison of the top and bottom of the volume can change, after the warehouse, wash dish, the stock breakthrough early head will rise in the market;When the pressure turns to support, investors can buy and wait for the rising form of the future market. It can be seen from the change of its volume energy that the multiple form is the dark horse potential gene in the rise, and investors should timely grasp the opportunity to intervene.1, the market began to have some information about the stock spread, but the price and volume of little reaction, sometimes a few days down.2, its K line combination will form an obvious box, the frequency of stock price fluctuation in this box began to increase, generally is the volume of price rise, and conversely is the shrinkage of the decline.3, when the market is not good, it will show a certain resilience, and there are often shadows.When the market breaks down, it is a good time for the main suction, so there is a certain resilience.4, into the warehouse later period banker actually has no retreat, do not do also have to do.If at this time the fundamentals suffered a major blow, for us is the best thing, god-given opportunity, the opportunity to make a fortune.Most of the dealers will be in the limelight after a more serious attack.5, from the observation of technical indicators, the phenomenon of bottom deviation.Energy tide OBV curve at the bottom of the horizontal or has slowly upward, while the stock price is only horizontal fluctuations or even down.At the same time, there is a combination of horizontal k-lines with more than 5 weeks on the weekly K-chart, and Yin and Yang are interleaved. RSI or KDJ indicators all appear double bottom or bottom deviation phenomenon.In the suction stage, often short-term trading average (5 average) will gradually climb upward, when the upward cross long-term trading average (10 average) said that the floating code is very few, many have begun to organize force counterattack, buy immediately formed.The task of the banker in the late stage of the warehouse is to maintain the stock price and wait for the right opportunity to start pulling.The date that pull rise is banker to pour calculate commonly, if appear on the market company contract signs a contract day, in report annual report comes on stage day, shareholder general meeting holds a day to wait.Determine the long-term investment objectives and principles, the primary problem for stock trading.Whether the shareholders have business experience is not necessarily related to whether they can make profits investing in stocks.Any direct investment is professional investment, and professional investment needs professional knowledge as the foundation.Avoiding getting caught up in high prices is one of the most important lessons you can learn about buying and selling stocks.Buying stocks just to “make money” is a wrong first step, because you also need to note that it “adds spice to your life.”In the stock market, the rise and fall of share price is very normal thing, easy nervous person had better not make stock market investment, lest money and body all suffer loss.Do not easily persuade others to buy and sell stocks, the price of the most difficult to predict, so as not to make mistakes.The maximum you can lose is the maximum you can invest.You can get a lot of intangible income by investing in stocks.Stocks are the safest “gambler “, and success is not always guaranteed by” gambling “, but also depends on the combination of thinking and endurance.