For nucleic acid testing, everyone moves. Wear masks during the whole process and keep a safe distance

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Everyone is the first person responsible for epidemic prevention and control.For yourself, for your family and for the whole society, please start from yourself, remind, persuade and urge your family and friends, and everyone consciously fulfill their responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.Take the initiative to undergo nucleic acid screening, and do as much testing as possible and as soon as possible, without undue delay, intentional evasion or unreasonable refusal.In order to avoid the occurrence of cross infection and cluster transmission and reduce the waiting time in line, please go out in an orderly manner according to the instructions of the organizer in different stages and batches, and observe the order and test in order.Nucleic acid detection everyone call where buildings which move according to batch testing out different time periods in a nucleic acid testing in addition to the sampling time will need full specification to wear masks to follow the arrangement of staff or volunteers command and patience waiting to be calm, no noise, cluster of avoid by all means, crowded, when pushed, cut in line waiting to pay attention to maintain more than 2 meters with people around a safe distance in as far as possible, pleaseTo detect before by “cloud” or “along with the bid to host the public cloud APP” registered personal information to form a qr code and nucleic acid testing services section screen show the images to facilitate staff when sampling fast scan code to open his mouth and when it is best not to foreign breath hold the breath “ah” is mainly to make mouth detection is not hair voice conversation Don’t stay don’t gapsThe Lao people can immediately go home and change their masks and wash their hands. During the containment period, if they have urgent medical needs or difficulty in securing supplies, they can call for help to fight the epidemic. It is everyone’s responsibility.Let us work together, unite as one, to protect our family, protect our home!Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!Planning: District Civilization Office drawing: Mushroom editor: MAO Haiping He Tingting