Smart Communities bring livable new life

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Small community programs can place orders for shopping, “one-click” service system to help take care of the elderly, full scene intelligent community to bring new experience…Smart communities make full use of next-generation information and communication technologies, such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to provide new scenarios of smart services for community residents and create a more convenient and comfortable modern living environment.The “14th Five-Year Plan” proposed to promote the construction of smart community, relying on community digital platform and offline community service agencies, to build a convenient and beneficial smart service circle.With the help of technology, smart communities are playing an important role in improving the well-being of residents and the quality of cities.Ms. Zhao lives in Haitang Jinyu Fuhe Garden in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Through the public number of An Gong community in Huayang street, she entered the “community mall” small program, and bought the fruit store commodities she often patronized on normal days. In a short while, the fruit was delivered to her door.It is reported that during the epidemic, angong community linked to community commercial resources and set up an online community mall on mobile phones, directly opening the channel of “buying and selling” between community businesses and residents.What are the goods in the online mall?What is the process of residents from ordering to distribution?Zhao Dengqiang, deputy secretary of the Communist Party committee of angongshe district, said: “The commodities of the community mall cover all aspects of residents’ clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the services cover cleaning, maintenance, physiotherapy, nursing and other living needs, and solve big problems with small procedures.After the goods and services are declared by the merchants, we will conduct strict review and release the goods of high quality and benefit the people.”In addition, the online mall has online payment functions and supervision and evaluation functions. After residents place orders, the backstage of the system will immediately inform merchants to stock up.In addition, Angong community has recruited a team of volunteers to be responsible for product distribution, and the rebate part of merchants is used as volunteer service points, which can be exchanged for goods in all affiliated merchants, achieving an innovative closed-loop online shopping service.The reporter learned that the Field Group, which is committed to the construction of smart community, also built a new supermarket of “seed town” by integrating online and offline consumption.Open the small program or APP of seed Town on your mobile phone, you can enter the selection page of massive goods, such as fresh, mother and baby, home appliances…It has all kinds of goods and discount benefits.Moreover, in order to reduce human contact, Field Group creates intelligent logistics robots to deliver goods purchased online with the help of scientific and technological means, so that artificial intelligence can cover more community life scenes of residents.In Guangshunyuan Community, Taoyuan Street, Hexi District, Tianjin, Grandma Weng enjoys the new “one-button” community pension service.It is understood that Hexi District and JINGdong Technology Group to carry out the “one database, one network, one platform” management system construction, build the elderly population database, pension service network and smart pension service platform, with technology to empower home care.Among them, the smart pension service platform has established an emergency rescue mechanism to install “one-click” calling equipment for many elderly people living alone free of charge and carry out all-weather emergency assistance.Moreover, smart outbound call service is also carried out for the elderly in need. If the elderly cannot be reached after two calls, relatives, community workers and volunteers will be contacted to ensure the safety of the elderly.”Press here, you can call my ‘pension housekeeper’!”Liu, who lives in xinjiang Oil Garden, Tianfu New Area, Sichuan province, pointed to a red button on the wall of his home to reporters.The device liu said is an emergency call device installed in the homes of special elderly groups, such as the elderly, solitary, empty nest and disabled, in An Gong Community, Huayang Street, Tianfu New District, Sichuan province. It belongs to the “one-button” cloud call service response system for intelligent home care created by the community.In addition to the emergency button, the system also includes active health sensors in the elderly bedroom installation, use the advanced Internet technology, the transmission of old man anomaly information and service demand in a timely manner to the intelligence community endowment service station, realize remote alerts and control, automatic alarm, dynamic monitoring, recording service requirements, and equipped with pension housekeeper one-on-one service.When Uncle Liu pressed the emergency call, the community butler would receive information on his mobile phone and respond in the first time.Ai-optimized voice interaction in the home environment can control the intelligent speaker, and can close the light curtain at home when leaving home, so that the intelligent passage into the community can be unimpeded…”Safe, smart and convenient!”This is Mr. Zhang’s comment on the Wisdom community of Beijing Academy where he lives.It is understood that Beijing Academy and technology companies to create a smart community of digital life.Based on AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, Beijing Academy fully integrates indoor intelligent lighting, intelligent water, intelligent cooking, intelligent health, as well as outdoor intelligent access control, intelligent parking, AI security, etc., to become a full-scene intelligent community.Take the intelligent non-inductive traffic as an example, the owner uses the exclusive identity information to enter the community, the building gate, automatic control elevator, no need to touch, smooth experience.”I am busy at work, so a comfortable and intelligent living environment can save me a lot of worries.”Mr. Zhang said that through the APP of Beijing Academy, it can also control the equipment from the whole smart community to the smart home, so as to enjoy the control of the fully intelligent scene of indoor and outdoor, online and offline life integration.In addition to providing high-quality living experience, smart community can also reduce labor costs for property management from the inspection and maintenance of equipment and facilities, the security and dynamic patrolling of the community, and even solve previous management problems with big data.It is understood that the smart community created by Helife Technology Group is equipped with an integrated control center, which can accurately determine the owner of the household causing the projectile.It is reported that the integrated control center can read the trajectory of objects thrown by the data feedback of the camera in the central control background, so as to locate which household parabolic objects, which can not only greatly save the energy of property personnel, but also improve the level of community management through scientific and technological means.Source: People’s Daily (Overseas edition)