Experience the traditional culture at Tonghai Xiushan Park and feel the different flavor of the New Year

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Spring Festival approaching, as temperatures slowly recover, tonghai mountain park visitors also gradually many, the park strict epidemic prevention measures, orderly visitors enter the park, on the mountain, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, experience the traditional game fun, feel the beauty of the mountain culture, a joy, peace and civilization of the Spring Festival.”We moved the window of epidemic prevention and control to the cultural Center, on the one hand, to limit the flow of people and facilitate the evacuation of people. At the same time, we strictly follow the rules of scanning codes, taking body temperature and wearing masks when entering the park.”Xiushan Park deputy director Wang Yanling said.At the main gate of the park, the distinctive Plateau Mongolian women dressed in festive costumes sing a welcoming tune and hold hada to welcome visitors.At Sanyuan Palace, visitors can enjoy the flowers and scenery as well as participate in the “Riddle party” to welcome the Spring Festival and play games such as “blessing”, shuttlecock kicking, archery, gyro playing and iron ring rolling.”(The traditional culture experience) is to make the tour of the park more interesting, so that people can feel the strong flavor of the New Year.”Xiushan Park temple director Chen Jie said.”I love these activities. I have a lot of fun.””Said qian Shihao, a small tourist.”I think it is meaningful for us to participate in this activity during the Spring Festival, because we seldom meet such activities as guessing lantern riddles, like” throwing a pot “is also the first time for us to see.”Hongta district tourist Ma Xiaoxue said.In addition, sanyuan Palace in Xiushan Park also holds a Hanfu show according to the time period, so that tourists can enjoy han and Tang songs and dances, listen to guzheng, taste tea art, experience han and Tang culture while playing.Source: Chengcheng Tonghai author: Zhu Yanfei Money state-owned editor: Chen Huiji review: Xu Fengxiang