How can there be comments in the headlines that are not above?

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In the ancient couplets on the collection of couplets under the situation has not been heard, analysis and consideration, no matter what things have to have a growth period, when some things have not grown up, by thinking phase is also difficult to get thinking results, such as an ancient couplet:Tongzhong bell ringing, virginal boys and girls go to school together, people puzzled, until now has not appeared than zhuruyi neat couplet.But now in the process of the development of high-end science and technology, also produced a lot of new things, such as the aviation industry in a variety of scientific and technological breakthroughs, there can be a response to the source word vocabulary.In order to praise the hard work of the scientists of our country’s great space cause, we will try to make a joint link. If there is anything wrong, we hope that we can criticize and teach each other, learn from each other, study and discuss.Top line: Tongzhong bronze bell, boys and girls with school bottom line: air to send universal praise, business and time deep this is to take the Yin and Yang corresponding skills, the top line is to use the right folding word and homophone, the bottom line is to take the left folding word homophone.Now add to deal with a couplet, is also one of the ancient couplets, the top line is: the month and reward and LAN month, the villain not just, also to try it, this is based on the text thinking concept and creation, also hope you comment and advice.The original text is the month and reward and orchid month, the following foolish just show.First: the month and reward and orchid month second: when a view of the day when the flow