Housing accumulation fund every month unilateral pay 1200 yuan, what level does our country belong to?

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The “five insurances and one housing fund” has always been an important factor for many people to consider when choosing a job. How about the welfare treatment of a unit? In addition to the hand salary, it depends on whether there is the “five insurances and one housing fund” and what kind of payment standard is.Among the “five insurances and one housing fund”, the five insurances mainly provide protection for employees and prevent them from happening before they happen. At present, the housing provident fund is the most helpful and practical one for us.Regular unit of choose and employ persons, can open a provident fund account to employee, every month according to a certain proportion of employee salary, employee pay a part, unit pay a part with proportion, common deposit into provident fund account.The money in the housing provident fund account can be used for many purposes. In addition to buying a house and renting a house can be extracted, the overhaul of the house can also be extracted according to the provisions. Even when the staff is unfortunately seriously ill, there is any emergency, the money here can also be taken out for emergency.Even if this life does not buy a house, the money in the provident fund account is useless, and so on retirement, you can take out the balance all at once, equivalent to so many years of forced savings.Since housing provident fund units are paid in accordance with the same proportion, many employees are actually willing to pay more for their provident fund every month, so that the account balance will be more sufficient.Therefore, the amount of the monthly provident fund payment has also become a reference index to measure the income of employees.I have a friend, every month accumulation fund unilateral pay 1200 yuan, add the complement of the unit, every month accumulation fund account can income 2400 yuan, what level does that belong to in our country?First, we use the provident fund to push back one month’s income.The coefficient of accumulation fund pay, national regulation is between 5%-12%, some units are the standard pay of 5% according to lowest lower limit, most are the standard pay according to 8%, more regular enterprise is the highest standard pay according to 12%.My friend is in accordance with the standard of 12%, then backward his nominal monthly basic income, is 1200/0.12=10000, that is, we say the monthly income of more than 10,000.Of course, his current monthly salary may be less than 10,000 yuan, because in addition to the accumulation fund to deduct 1200 yuan, the other five insurance also have to deduct a lot of money.But the housing provident fund is calculated according to the comprehensive income of last year, so my friend’s nominal salary last year is at least 120,000 yuan.If it is paid in accordance with 5%, then the nominal monthly basic income is 1200/0.05=24000, and if it is paid in accordance with 8%, it is 1200/0.08=15000, which is very high.However, theoretically speaking, the housing provident fund of the high-income group is generally paid in accordance with 12%, which can not only reasonably avoid tax, but also increase welfare treatment.Second, compare last year’s per capita income figures.According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents in 2021 was 35,128 yuan, a nominal increase of 9.1% over the previous year and an average nominal increase of 6.9% over the past two years.Among them, the per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 47,412 yuan, a nominal increase of 8.2 percent over the previous year.Rural household income was 18,931 yuan, a nominal increase of 10.5 percent over the previous year.Taking a look at the median disposable income, the data showed that the national per capita median disposable income of 29,975 yuan, a nominal increase of 8.8 percent over the previous year.No matter from which data, the single monthly payment of the provident fund is 1200 yuan, which has far exceeded the average monthly income of residents, and belongs to the high-income group.Finally, young people do not feel provident fund does not matter.Because provident fund does not stipulate must pay, some enterprise boss compare “chicken thief”, promise to employee basic salary raises some, but do not pay provident fund.In fact, provident fund is a very important benefit for employees, especially when buying a house.No matter how many provident fund balance and monthly payment number, if we want to handle provident fund housing loan, then the first condition is that you need to pay provident fund for more than a year, if the loan amount is not enough, we can still choose combination loan.If this basic condition is not met, you can not enjoy the most favorable mortgage interest rate at all, can only apply for commercial loans, 30 years down, the interest rate difference is not the slightest bit.So, young people should understand the importance of provident fund, not just for the sake of some immediate interests, in order to get more monthly salary, ignore to buy a house this event.Everybody iron juice, how much does your provident fund pay every month?Welcome to leave a message.(Thank you for your attention, hope to bring you help, look forward to your consultation and message!)