“Common world strange man” : master always in the folk

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Know this book, because of a text in the Chinese book “brush Li”, the brush Li in the article is highly skilled, every time brush the wall will wear a black clothes black pants, and set rules, if there is a white point, never accept money.Tianjin people often call people by their surnames together with the trades they are good at, such as Liu for carving bricks, Zhang for clay figures, Wei for kites and Li for brushes. However, no one knows their names when they are called long. This nickname is the only one that makes waves on the dock.Of course, to have such an honor, you have to be the first in the industry.Finished learning the text, know “brush Li” selected from “common world strange people”, this name let a person inexplicable like.At the beginning, I thought I was writing a “strange man” with the title of “profession plus surname”, but I found it was not so when I opened the book.In the book, people and events are selected from Tianjin Wei.Tianjin weizheng is a dock on land and water, and its residents are very different from each other.Recorded the whole book, a total of 18 man, some with its craft or specialty, such as the brush lee, “clay figurine zhang”, “da-li zhang”, “good mouth Yang ba”, “blue eyes”, some with their anecdotes, such as “birds”, “recognize teeth”, “never steal”, “xiao Yang month knot LouYi Kim lee li pan”, “Liu Daoyuan living funeral”.The title is short, the story is interesting, one can only be read in two or three minutes, it is really easy.There is no great sermon in this book, and the philosophy of life is never pointed out. It is up to the reader to experience it for himself.Such as that “wine woman”, wine woman love wine, but never greedy cup, always point a cup of wine a drink, and then drunk through the streets, to the edge of the road, wine will wake up, leisurely past.Originally this wine boss is a profiteer, love to add water to the wine, so the wine strength can only maintain a short meeting.Later, the old wine owner had a son, conscience, so he did not add water, as a result, the old woman drank a glass of wine, but the wine did not wake up when crossing the road, so a tragedy.So the question is, will this wine owner still water it?For example, that fishing expert dahui, there is no fish he can not catch, and he can also change the species, change the male and female fishing, so the world called him “fish queen”.It is such an able person, one day fishing too sleepy actually slept in the street, just as the driver of the car also slept in the past, so directly in the big back to the body rolled in the past, people naturally is not.But what was more, the cart was carrying a load of fish!Pei Wuye, a literati, commented that “capable men all die on their ability”.The sentence is short, but worth pondering.All the way down to see only feel hanchang dripping dripping dripping, but after all the length is too short, often not enough feeling.Feng Jicai, the author of these anecdotes, has made these obscure people famous and let people know that China has a long history of talented people.The language is concise, no nonsense, and full of local flavor, and the aftertaste is endless.Look at this: “The people on the dock are all tough.The craftsman depends on his hand, and he must have skills in his hand.There are special skills, eat meat, bright, standing in the middle of the street;Powerless, vegetarian, wilting, stand aside.It’s no one’s way of doing things on the docks.”In addition to the exquisite language, the illustrations in the book also have a lot of origins. The paintings are all from Xinghua Pictorial, which was published in Tianjin in the late Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The paintings are not related to the content of the text, but they all show the trivia and news of current affairs in the city.Not much to say, but you have to find out for yourself.