Tian Jing: The more you are in the trough, the more you want the corners of your mouth to rise

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The charm of life lies in bitter and happy, sad and happy, as long as you do not give up, life can continue to move forward, everything turns for the better.The start of spring has passed, and everything is full of spring and vitality, including the mood of course.Let go of unhappy things. Having a good memory is not always a good thing.This period of time is a test for Tian Jing, she has a more intuitive and profound understanding of the nature of evil and human nature.There must be someone in the world who doesn’t like you. You can’t change others’ opinions.Tian Jing’s life is also good, although there is still pressure, there are troubles, but the overall is relatively smooth, should be satisfied.These three points were reasons for her pride and happiness.A, there are sons and daughters, family well-being Tian Jing has a pair of smart, lovely love children, the family and healthy, the whole house is noisy, happy, full of fireworks, this scene let a lot of people envy.Suddenly remembered a paragraph of words: three meals, four seasons clothes.Together created a place called home, people gather for food, people do not come loose, home in the world, fireworks, flavor often survive.To cherish the precious time with your family is a little happiness.Sometimes just a walk in the park, a field trip, and a sunny green field will skyrocket your happiness level.Middle-aged people, in fact, do not need so much meaningless entertainment, busy every day to go home early, and family around the table, from the hot food to feel the warmth of thousands of dollars.Tian Jing has a doctor’s main business, and live with goods sideline, other time also have to take care of two children, especially full, schedule is full.Why think so much, dry over, too idle people will be uncomfortable and not adapt to, busy is not bad.Having something to do is exactly what makes you happy. That feeling of getting closer and closer to your goal is great.What’s more, you’ll be more motivated to do well because your busyness contributes to your family.A few pieces of silver, just can solve a variety of sorrow.The best way to polish a person is to be busy.Seriously into the role, in the day-to-day action and thinking, cultivate a more powerful heart.According to the best-selling book Popularity, Tian won praise and support for her virtuous, kind and diligent qualities.Categorized as acceptance, she enjoys the feeling of validation, of being surrounded by positive energy, of connecting with people, and that’s a huge satisfaction and joy.There’s nothing wrong with that. Humans are social animals, and the desire to be seen is a fundamental psychological need for everyone.I believe that tian Jing as long as adhere to carry forward their own advantages, will certainly harvest more attention.You just need to work hard and time will do the rest.Throughout the life of Tian Jing, although there is suffering, but hiding surprise, hiding eggs.As long as she plays it right, it’ll go from strength to strength.The best thing for Tian Jing to do in the face of those who attack her and those who don’t like her is to ignore them and spend her extra time and energy on the right people.In the second half of life, I choose to endure, yield and retreat. I’m not afraid, but to understand.There is a saying in the Diamond Sutra: “To know all dharma without self is to endure.”Know tenacity, know how to bow, in the trough of the pattern opened.Finally, I want to say: I wish you material wealth, full of spirit, face such as blue sky, full of spring.More exciting, welcome to @Feather Breeze