Teach you how to reduce the probability of car injury when parking

2022-07-02 0 By

Love a car if there are some minor injuries, certainly let a person feel bad for several days.I do not know whether you find that most of the small injuries on the general car body are unknowingly appeared when parking, the probability of rubbing in the driving is not high, so park the car well and choose the right place, you can effectively reduce the probability of damage to the appearance of the car.If you want your car to be less likely to get injured when parking, you have to follow this basic principle, otherwise all bets are off.In fact, it is very simple, that is to consider their own access to the convenience, but also to consider other people in and out of the convenience, but also to consider the accident may occur.When we park on the side of the road, reserve a space for ourselves to pull away.At the same time, we also want to think about the car before and after, the front and rear of the car is not too close to the car before and after, but also reserve enough position for others, so that it can effectively reduce the chance of being scratched before and after.When the distance between the front and the back is large, but not enough for another car to park, there may be other vehicles trying to park, it is easy to scratch;When space is abundant, be sure to leave plenty of room.2. Park as far as possible to the side of the park, avoid the middle of the underground or indoor parking lot is usually 2-3 cars separated by a concrete pier.In the case of more options, try not to park between two cars, parked on the side of the better.Because the middle parking space around the enemy, easy to be cut the odds of high rubbing;Choose cars that pull to the side of the road and leave enough space in the middle to minimize the chance of getting scraped.The closer the two cars are, the greater the chance of a dent in the door.3 try not to stop under the balcony or window have to admit that some people’s quality is not high, like to throw things downstairs, if the garbage bags, cigarette butts, box lunch and so on hit the car, this is good luck, million to a flower pot, estimated you would be in trouble.Therefore, when there are other parking options, try not to park on the balcony or under the window.4. Don’t occupy someone else’s fixed parking space to avoid being scratched. It is extremely risky to occupy someone else’s parking space.5. Park as far as possible to park to the inside of the park as far as possible, otherwise there may be such as CAR B, the body has not passed half of the steering wheel out.Also, keep your right wheel close to the curb when parking on the side of the road. This will also reduce the chances of being scratched by other vehicles or by bicycles.The above mentioned experiences are summed up by xiaobian in daily parking. Although it is not comprehensive, it can also play a certain effect in general. I hope that by sharing these methods, more car owners can avoid the pain of scraping their cars.