Since Chen took over, Espanyol has had four sporting directors and eight head coaches

2022-07-02 0 By

Espanyol announced the termination of jose Maria Duran, the club’s CEO and general manager, and appointed ye MAO, the club’s current director and deputy general manager, as the new CEO.Spanish media while the newspaper gave attention to this matter, and said that since Chen Yansheng in Spanish for more than six years, but he failed to build a stable situation for the club, frequent change of personnel: the Spanish club has changed in the era of Chen Yansheng four ceos, eight first-team coach, as well as four sporting director.Mr Chen, who completed his sixth year as chairman in January last year, has yet to find a stable staff structure since taking over.After focusing on clearing up the club’s debts and financial problems during his first stint as manager, he now wants to take the next step at the sporting level as the club stabilises financially.The first is the club’s general manager, a position that has already been filled by four people, Ramon Robert (two years), Roger Guash, Duran and Ye MAO.In the position of sporting director, Angel Gomez, Ladin, Peranao and Ruffitt have all held the position, and Ruffitt is now widely questioned by fans.There was more movement on the part of Chen as first-team coach. A few weeks before Chen took over the Spaniard, the club sacked Sergio Gonzalez and signed Galca, a signing not authorized by Chen but only days before he officially took over.Since then, with Chen yanshen taking over, Flores, Gaygo, Ruby, Machin, Avelardo, Ruffitt and Moreno have become first-team coaches, with eight coaches in six years.(Cosimo)