Revealed: What are the world’s biggest currencies?

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$100,000 issued by the U.S. government in 1929, but not in circulation, there were only 42,000 of them.The figure of 6 billion gold coupons in the Period of the Republic of China looks big, but it can only buy one box of matches.500 billion Yugoslav dinars. Yugoslavia broke up, and its currency was no longer in circulation, so it could not be exchanged, but kept as a collection.One hundred trillion Zimbabwean dollars dear children should pay attention to the Zimbabwean dollar is still in circulation, if you receive red packets even if the face value is small, also choose the name of the currency, Zimbabwe currency looks large.This is the exchange rate with RMB. As the exchange rate changes every day, it is for reference only.10 tevats of Hungarian pago knock on the blackboard: the largest denomination of money in the world