Qingdao Hantang Biological Yang Fan: Adhere to independent innovation, do China’s medical and pharmaceutical field leader

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With the improvement of modern medical level and people’s increasing demand for medicine, Qingdao High-tech Zone issued a special policy to support the biomedical industry in 2019, providing support for project subsidies, R&D expenses, talent subsidies and other aspects.Aiming at this target market, Qingdao Hantang Biotechnology Co., LTD., under the leadership of General Manager Yang Fan, adheres to independent innovation, develops and produces a series of advanced medical products, and gradually grows into a leader in the medical and pharmaceutical field in China.In 2020, Hantang Biotechnology Co., LTD., located in Qingdao High-tech Zone, was successfully listed in the List of the Third Batch of Gazelle Enterprises to be Recognized in Shandong Province released by Shandong Department of Industry and Information Technology.Among them, the novel Coronavirus Antibody test kit developed by Hantang Biological has received orders for about 50 million people from more than 20 countries including Italy, France, Chile and Iraq, with an average daily output of 50,000-80,000 people.These achievements are inseparable from the company’s strategic layout, but also from the team’s creative ability and fighting spirit.In this issue of Qilu entrepreneurs’ Daily participation, let’s walk into Yang Fan, general manager of Qingdao Hantang Biotechnology Co., LTD., and see how he makes the enterprise grow and realize more advanced medical products “made in China”.Shortly after Yang Fan took the helm of Hantang, he was keenly aware that IVD enterprises must take the road of independent innovation and development, and began to promote the biological transformation of Hantang.Since 2012, Hantang Biotechnology has successively completed the construction of standardized plant and GMP workshop. Adhering to the development concept of technology and talent as the core, hantang Biotechnology has strengthened its research and innovation ability and quickly established a RESEARCH and development team in the IVD field.From 2017 to 2020, the total r&d investment reached 46.100,600 yuan (3.399,400 yuan in 2017, 7.448,400 yuan in 2018, 14.489,100 yuan in 2019 and 20.763,700 yuan in 2020).Quickly because of this, han and tang dynasties in the test analysis instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagent, biological products and so on in various fields have formed a complete research system, also established the scientific research cooperation in overseas laboratory, production with completely independent intellectual property rights, with strong international competitiveness of products, make the company’s technology research and development level into the domestic advanced level.Up to now, 161 hantang biological products have obtained the national medical device product registration certificate, and more than 45 items of intellectual property rights.Among them, the company has obtained 7 authorized invention patents, 4 software Copyrights and 22 patents under actual examination.Products have passed CE certification, national high-tech enterprise certification, intellectual property management system certification, ISO13485 certification, ISO9001 certification and Brazil certification, sales network throughout the country and the world more than 140 countries and regions.Science and technology as the first productive force, Yang Fan also pays attention to the contact and cooperation with scientific research institutions, leading the RESEARCH and development team to visit the Ocean University of China, Qingdao Agricultural University and other experts, to promote the development of industry, education and research.Driven by science and technology, Hantang has achieved a leapfrog development in sales revenue of nearly three times from 67,817,600 yuan in 2018 to 338,769,900 yuan in 2020.Thanks to technological accumulation in the early stage, after the outbreak of COVID-19, hantang R&D team developed the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test kit on January 27, 2020, and completed the Novel Coronavirus antibody test kit in March 2020, which obtained the CE certification of the European Union.Later, it obtained the PEUA license of u. s. Food&Drug Administration and the Australian Government Department of healthHealth, Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria of Brazil, And Food And Drug Of the Philippine Department of HealthSince March 2020, the product has been exported to 80 countries and regions with a total export value of more than 50 million US dollars.Adhere to scientific management take the road of modern enterprise management Yang Fan in charge of the Han and Tang seven years, from a sales company to a modern enterprise.In 2013, since Yang Fan became the general manager, he objectively analyzed the national IVD market situation, combined with the actual situation of the company, started the “second venture” of Hantang, adjusted the layout internally, expanded the market externally, and introduced talents for the company’s management team and technical positions through gradual reform.After that, the company developed a scientific business strategy in line with the development of modern market economy. By establishing a modern enterprise system, changing the traditional management mode and formulating incentive policies, it provided a higher starting point for the development of the company.The company has recruited a large number of highly educated and capable talents, so that the company’s management team tends to be knowledgeable, young and modern.While establishing a modern enterprise system, Yang Fan also integrates the strategy of “accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces” put forward by the government into production, focusing on using new technologies and new methods to improve the production process and improve the production level.From 2017 to 2020, the company has invested a total of about 10 million yuan in technical transformation and upgrading, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the comprehensive energy consumption of 10 thousand yuan of output value, from 0.48 tons of standard coal per ten thousand yuan in 2017 to 0.15 tons of standard coal per ten thousand yuan in 2020, deeply implementing the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”.When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Yang Fan believes that in the process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, private entrepreneurs shoulder a more important historical mission and assume a broader social responsibility, which is also the philosophy of enterprise development in the Han and Tang Dynasties.In daily work, Yangfan adheres to people-oriented and humanized management, adheres to the concept of sharing enterprise development achievements, and constantly improves the income level of employees, ensures the quality of life of employees and improves their work enthusiasm.Walk with love and give back to society.On the basis of enterprise development, Yang Fan led Hantang Biological actively participate in social public welfare undertakings.In recent years, Hantang Biology has actively participated in health poverty alleviation activities.We have donated biochemical instruments to wudalianchi area of Heilongjiang Province, Henan Province, Chongqing and other remote areas for many times, improving local medical conditions and enhancing the level of rapid diagnosis.He mobilized all the han people actively to tencent’s 99 day “is the most beautiful mountain village doctors” and “village doctor’s watch” activities such as the raise donations, and for the health of rural doctors in the poor areas donations all-in-one, support to grass-roots village doctor of the watchers, for the fellows in poor area to a health care, for the practice of socialist core values contribute their strength.After the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Yang collected supplies, organized production and delivery, and helped the prevention and control work of Huanggang, Qingdao’s counterpart city.Han Tang donated 60,660 testing reagents to Huanggang, making contributions to winning the war against the epidemic without smoke.Welcome to forward more, share business cooperation please call/wechat contact: 0532-88707398/15275282167