Her and him? Why?

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Her and him? Why?Wen Cheng CAI Fan figure network that dayThe man was the day like today’s gloomy and cold in the afternoon I have conspicuous snowflakes first met the covenant of he and she meet the matchmaker sat in the open cabin door sheepishly dare not look at at both low head picking her nails don’t know where to find words for a long time he was able to solve the embarrassing low head silently say I took the niang to string the relatives back home a little late okay. I also just to his house: she’s all rightShe blushed and answered in a low voice that we also have several sisters. In fact, we are in a worse condition as long as we work together. No house is nothing.With the corner of the eye secretly look at her ah good beautiful girl heart kind also beautiful flowers (want to appreciate the author of this article teacher Cheng Caifan wrote a good work?Please click on the following link:Over a thousand days and nights,He was lying in her arms away with a smile) he has a steel the ability to speak I have no what can I do will be steadfast efforts is the tenet of me as a person she really shame people answer with a smile as long as steadfast steadfast efforts after day must have a not too bad a word to his lot to make the topic more say the more he can rest assured as long as you are willing to I am dead tired also won’t let you wrongedSin, eat, drink, dress, whatever you want…She was moved to flushed cheeks to modest topics you may want to find good I met than you tell female than male congress pressed the man’s luck he raised his head argued who said who said that the woman old do buy home besides just two years is not what you white black I see you like a flower to her red face looked up his heavy body health spirit is true duty mouth also speak so I can find what I can find whatAs long as he is willing to marry me he said more more days later and later from Chinese tunic suit pocket and his five and ten pieces of greet her red face didn’t look at his mouth to export the say so much so much or give me thirty you leave twenty spend his struggle she left home after marriage had the house to have the Eva decades she cried too noisy but never mention to divorce to scattered home loss to the white-haired man last yearToday last year and the year of the same cold cold snowflakes pin-points fell he and she is about to meet each other at a network of contacts in chat she you bank card a few digits you brother and sister have several house whether parents in full body and how to say my salary more than twenty thousand bank card he confidently into seven figures on brothers and sisters I have a house is three rooms full young parents more than fortyHer heart secretly pleased to continue to ask married bride price less red face value of the yuan minimum twenty new diamond ring sanjin must buy big pile of new cars plus today meet the amounts of the bank of China in six thousand he okay as long as you are willing to marry me you to what I have said of who let now more men to I asked men and women are more than 30 answer how men sweep code to pay the amounts to more than six thousand women holding the man hands are likeWife put hic better she doesn’t work after marriage don’t work during the day singing dancing in the evening go to shopping mall beauty salon is a regular he dare not tube dare not say somehow gave birth to a baby continue fireworks on his father’s builders cycle to chew a steamed bread to drink bottles of water CouCouGeGe meal also mortgage models which month is not afraid of auction mother-in-law see her laundry and cook also often can’t see her face so that ordinary days after three day two daysLess than three years to run out to find another next year today also come to about this year today this person today’s weather and that year as overcast and cold snow dots falling, he and her online acquaintance and come to about her to see him very embarrassed courage out of the heart for the first time for the carSomething for nothing to room looking for you after getting married, you work overtime you add some models also have mortgage: I don’t want to eat at home, don’t do anything home-cooked meals clothes bag into a big pile of a word is not run away I left her Leave home thinking about rich men just want to enjoy your glory in this world there are a lot of second tattoo eyebrow makeup cheat said she is the girl cannot little yuan house carNeedless to say much more than once can be married to pay the houseCar loans also depression is not happy life contradiction to increase day by day he hit me scold me about him goods sent bitch married several cheat I’m not a boy not a girl come to your home do regret breaking up with you early know you very love me no house no money before valentine’s day also to outside to go around or what you regret doing and for now have united in a few years not car not only figure in the room that daySon he left one after another I scared I can’t get about as long as the reflection Ken willing to plain to mend the day I will redouble our efforts to make you happy valentine’s day gifts every year will buy the most expensive she don’t gift don’t take as long as you every day thinking about home and parents boon conjugal love to white hair Cheng Caifan, teachers, net “years leaves”, like reading and writing,He has published many articles in the media.1, this article is authorized by the author, the author is responsible for the author, if there is infringement, please inform “Hometown Xuchang” today toutiao immediately delete.The views of the author do not represent the views of “Hometown Xuchang” today’s toutiao 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