Do I need water in toothpaste when I brush my teeth?A lot of people get it wrong, so it’s no wonder that the more they brush their teeth, the yellower they get

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In today’s society, people pay special attention to their appearance level and appearance, and many people try their best to change themselves to look more beautiful at ordinary times.However, if go to great lengths to let oneself become beautiful, but ignore a few little detail also to cause a decline in the first impression in the eyes of others in a straight line, such as teeth, if we in communication, and snowy teeth are pluses, leave a good impression to others, also can make us smile more attractive, so that temperament is improved.However, in reality, many people have yellow teeth and strong breath.Therefore, many friends will have doubts, obviously every day carefully brush your teeth, but the teeth are becoming more and more yellow?The impact on one’s image can be very powerful indeed.In order to solve the problem of yellow teeth, many small friends will choose to wash or patch teeth. Although this can temporarily improve the problem of yellow teeth, but the stimulation of gums is very large.Fortunately, with the help of my dentist friend, I learned to pay attention to this little detail when brushing my teeth.Do I need water in toothpaste when I brush my teeth?Dentists are also very helpless, many people do wrong, no wonder the teeth “brush more yellow”!Many people have the habit of brushing their teeth every day, but there are still yellow teeth and bad breath, so how to solve the problem?Take a look at the industry’s response.When we brush our teeth, we should not let the toothpaste dip in water, because some of the active ingredients in the toothpaste are easily diluted after soaking in water, thus leading to the main reason of no effect.While this will enrich the foam, it won’t get the best out of the toothpaste.Also to pay attention to time brushing your teeth, we while you brush your teeth don’t be too long nor too short time, want to make sure all the teeth in the mouth clean in place, then time to keep commonly is in 3 minutes brushing your teeth, brushing their teeth because of a long time may damage the enamel, cause gum irritation, brush short time toothbrush cleaning not clean, therefore,About three minutes is the most scientific time to brush your teeth.Also choose a good toothpaste is very critical for brushing your teeth, such as some teeth yellow, tone or gums sensitive friend, small make up recommend you try the moderate no stimulation of sodium bicarbonate, toothpaste, good cleaning effect, can clean teeth double-sided tartar and pigment gradually, baking soda composition is quite moderate, won’t cause stimulus to gum,It can protect the oral environment very well.This toothpaste series has been repurchased many times. At the beginning, I just held the attitude of trying it out, but I never thought that it was “too late to meet you”.This is used in toothpaste press type design, not only convenient and health, and to his credit, this toothpaste or the combination of design in the morning and evening, in the morning with mint flavor can make oral more pure and fresh, peach flavor can be better in the evening cleaning in the teeth after the meal food scraps, gradually change the state of teeth, make teeth white and clean.Using this toothpaste consistently will gradually improve gingival sensitivity, make teeth stronger, gradually reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth, and make breath fresher.Now not only xiaobian is using this toothpaste, but also many colleagues around him.Its reputation and quality are very good, so it is worth recommending to each small partner to try.Gradually whiter and cleaner teeth can make us more confident in our interpersonal relationships, making our smiles brighter and warmer.If yellowing teeth and bad breath are a problem for you, try baking soda toothpaste, which is cheap and effective.