Beauty “vision” care carefully

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Children take part in a parent-child experience camp for myopia prevention and control at Tianqing New Town community in Xigu District, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, Feb. 21, 2019.The activity through three links, let the children know the importance of protecting eyes.First of all, through explaining the story of phil, let them deeply realize the trouble caused by myopia, amblyopia and strabismus.Then the teacher led the children to do “eye exercise”, not only let them learn how to protect their eyes, but also can learn the knowledge to more partners.After listening to the teacher’s detailed explanation, the children quickly entered the role of a little doctor and helped the community workers to measure their eyesight under the guidance of the teacher.”As long as we learn to protect our eyes, no one will call us’ little glasses’ any more,” Said Yuanyuan.Through this activity, not only let the children understand the structure of the eye, but also personally experience that the eye is as important as life, only one pair, can not be replaced, let all the children here cherish their eyes more.Xigu District Rong Media Center Reporter: Ma Juan Editor: Zong Fang Typesetting: Li Tongyu