We will give full play to the new role of “teachers leading students” and lead “mentoring” to grow together

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“Thanks to Wang’s guidance, I have made significant progress and learned many new skills in a short time.I will apply my knowledge of electrical equipment maintenance to my work in the future and realize my own value in the post.”This is jin Neng holding coal group Wang Village coal industry company technology deputy section chief Wang Zhe a heartfelt words, but also the company apprentice pair of talent cultivation true portrayal.Company attaches great importance to the cultivation of the technical personnel, start the artisan talent cultivation project, adopt the method of teacher DaiTu, let craftsmen talent when the teacher, a line worker when the apprentice, accelerate training high-skilled talents, help young worker in a relatively short period of time to solve technical ability short board, the problem of insufficient work experience, to help young workers as soon as possible to grow their positions of technical backbone,Now there are more than 50 talents have become the masters of each unit.Companies choose style, good quality, a strong sense of responsibility, business skilled and experienced technology backbone as a teacher, make full use of “electric research development studio” platform, the master device structure, principle and troubleshooting methods are classified and summarized, making the teacher DaiTu DaiTu courseware, lesson plans and division and through the “studio classroom” “underground solid exercise class” and so on the way,I taught my students hand in hand, guided their work and answered technical questions without reservation, and tracked the learning results throughout the whole process.Company encourages the staff to participate in the tournament technology, talent and craftsmen to compete, in the middle school, learning, create a “learning technology, for good, than contribution” good atmosphere, the young worker has realized from “let me learn” to “I want to learn”, fundamental transformation, improve the staff’s cohesive force, centripetal force and combat effectiveness.(Author/Zhang Pengfei/Zhang Qifan)