Passive follow hot, dongfeng popular T5 EVO heat wave version will be officially launched on April 9

2022-07-01 0 By

Just yesterday morning, geely group, the strongest high-end sport-utility vehicle road test Eletre officially released, the so-called lucky building cars dream realization models in addition to the group’s models in many aspects of shadow, almost the majority of domestic consumers come to another domestic first saw, dongfeng popular TV.Recently, Dongfeng Fadongfan officially announced that it will launch a heat wave model on April 9. Its bright yellow car paint just coincides with one of Eletre’s two main colors, which can be said to be more similar.In terms of appearance, new car in the front part adopts the unique headlight separate modelling, whether on the pick line willow leaf shape, light band, or both side hidden in fog area below the distance of the inlet of headlamp unit of light, and the mouth of elements such as a mountain, and road test flagship model is quite close, arguably, the latter is not necessary to copy a price is only 1/10 of the models,But the actual result is very much like this, and no one can deny it, except to say that there is some high degree of similarity in the shooting of current models.On the side of the body, as an orthodox SUV model, the popular T5 EVO of course maintains the standard lines, the dynamic body with bright yellow body color, large two-color wheels, red brake calipers and other details appear more athletic.In the rear part of the car, through the taillight on both sides of the two-color detail structure, the rear bumper part of the bilateral four exhaust reflects a strong performance.In terms of interior decoration, the new car adopts red and black interior color matching, plus barrel air conditioning air outlet, flat bottom movement steering wheel and other elements corresponding to the appearance.The double large size suspension LCD screen is also the most popular design style, the overall has a good sense of science and technology.In terms of power, of course, the new car still has a 1.5-ton four-cylinder engine with 197 horsepower, a good performance in its class, matched by a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.Dongfeng faddy T5 EVO has achieved good sales for faddy brands once it was launched with excellent appearance.It shows that the widespread recognition, as for the so-called similar appearance of Lutus is just a joke, after all, the two are in perfect harmony, how the future performance, it is worth looking forward to.