Junfa City was approved to pre-sell 64803.79 square meters of internal planning and construction of 13 famous schools

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According to kunming Real Estate Information network, on January 29, junfa City’s pre-sale license of 64803.79 square meters, the permitted sales area of 64803.79 square meters, the pre-sale license number is Xuyun word no. 2022143.The specific information is as follows: the pre-sale card information, the pre-sale card for the record named Junfa Mingcheng, located in Kunming City Panlong District Longquan Street office area, the developer for Yunnan Junjia Real estate Development Co., LTD., the pre-sale housing type are residential nature, the current average price of the project is about 15500 yuan /㎡, the product with decoration delivery.Junfa City is planned to cover an area of about 4000 mu, with a construction area of 10 million square meters. It integrates human settlement, education, commerce, ancient town, subway and park, and has a variety of business forms. Since the official construction started in 2013, it has been delivered to The Garden group such as Rose Garden, Peony Garden, Lily Garden, Jinzhan Garden, Jasmine Garden, Lotus Garden and Yulan Garden.Junfa City will be located above Southwest United University, and there are about 13 famous schools in the city. At present, bao Kindergarten, Yunnormal University Experimental Primary School, Yunnormal University Affiliated Kindergarten, Mingtong Primary School, Ailxi Kindergarten and other famous schools have settled in, covering the education needs of all ages from primary school to high school.In terms of commerce, the project will construct a 45-storey super high-rise office building with a height of about 206 meters, and longquan Junfa Square, a large commercial complex integrating shopping, catering, cinema and supermarket, which is expected to open in the second half of 2022. The transformation of Longquan Ancient Town is also completed within the project.Will make a future with kunming cultural characteristics of shopping, leisure, culture, entertainment, business recreational amorous feelings street, in addition to the planning and construction, wen yiduo park east main canal water park, cultural theme park, sports theme park, and other city parks, jung hair city in the future, the owners could enjoy life “live” in the park.Article source: joy in to buy a house Premium content recommendation for three rounds of land taken concentrate project | cool continuation of land market in 2022 will continue to maintain low real property market during the Spring Festival, intermediary company holiday, with abundant loans, take the initiative to contact customers Ice and snow tourist upsurge!Yunnan ski ticket orders increased by nearly 20% during the Spring Festival holiday