Teting Town: Houses wrapped in silver, people busy snow removal, long-term management and protection to achieve “lasting beauty” of the village

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Wangcheng Melting media On February 7 (reporter week match) On February 7, tea Ting town ushered in the first snow after the start of spring, white snow for the town area of the beautiful livable village to increase some charm, add a new aesthetic feeling, but also to return and travel people brought inconvenience.Council members, party members, volunteers, students and other groups of beautiful and livable villages in Chating Town spontaneously organized to shovel snow and deice the main roads in the villages to ensure the safety of people’s travel.

Led by the Council of Beautiful livable Village and party members, the villagers responded positively and the whole people participated. Even the children also took the initiative to pick up shovels and brooms to join the snow clearing team.”The beautiful village we built, now they maintain together, kind of relay, can also strengthen the body.”Parents laugh.

“The environment and safety of the village need to be taken care of together.”Scene, teting town Lion Ling village beautiful livable village masses Zhou Xiaoming opened their shovel began to participate in the obligation to shovel snow.

Through the full cooperation of everyone, the snow and broken ice on the main road of 33 beautiful livable villages in the whole town were quickly removed, and the branches crushed by snow were also cleaned up in time. The long-term management and protection mechanism was strictly implemented, and the beautiful livable villages were jointly built, managed, governed and shared.

According to the introduction, this year, tea ting town will continue to adhere to the “party leadership, government guidance, village level leading, the main body of the masses”, promote the “party construction leads the five five construction management” grass-roots governance model, jiufengshan Flower sea area, Static Shen Wen star tower area and town area main line east city contact line “two areas” as the focus,Cluster layout of zhenxing, Xindui, Zhujiachong, Dujiachong, Xinwu, Yabachong and other beautiful livable villages, promote the quality of livable rural cluster, promote the delicacy of rural areas, and create the most prominent name card of rural revitalization.
Source: Wangcheng Rong Media Center
Author: Zhou Sai
Editor: Zhu Xiaohong
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