Riveting full “tiger strength” to the future

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Taurus bid farewell to the old year, Tiger welcome the New Year.The chapter of urban development opens a new page, we set foot on a new time runway.Recently held the city’s leading cadres conference, clearly proposed to emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, make persistent efforts, strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held.Clear goal, inspiring!The whole city should unite its thoughts and actions in the spirit of the conference, anchor the overall positioning of the central city of the country, and resolutely shoulder the responsibility of provincial capital cities. With the heroic spirit, vigorous energy and ambitious spirit, all the work should be launched at the beginning and become effective.Without fear of adversity, to huhushengwei heroic wind to continue wonderful.In the Year of the Ox, the whole city thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions during his inspection visit to Shaanxi. Carrying forward the spirit of ox I serve the children, cattle on the pioneers and cattle of old age, we overcame the adverse influence, accomplished a series of major events, and achieved new achievements in promoting high-quality development.But it should also be noted that Xi ‘an is still in the initial stage of high-quality development, with challenges and opportunities, difficulties and pressures.Yin Tiger year, the situation is pressing, time is pressing.We will party history derive from one hundred the power of the ideal and faith, the arduous struggle the spirit, the spirit of struggle, inheritance history and devoting to practice, with good state of mind, a strong sense of responsibility, sense of urgency take the initiative to shoulder the glorious mission of construction of national central city, take the bull by the horns, unafraid to challenge, tiger air how to renew the year, wind power into the future together.Overcome difficulties and create a new bureau with vigorous energy.On the journey of high quality development, every step forward is a tough battle, and every exploration needs a brave sword, selfless and selfless person!Only when we fulfill our duties and fulfill our responsibilities, grow our talents while promoting high-quality development, and change our work style while serving the people, can we show the resilience of the tiger and run at the speed of the tiger!The masses of party members and cadres should adhere to the “dry” word pledge, responsibility in mind, responsibility and duty to on line, the central committee and the provincial party committee’s decision-making deployed to clear up, put in charge of their respective areas of the actual situation to understand, dare to face the contradiction, is good at solving problems, sheer ability in involved in the construction of major projects, strong bones and muscles, in dealing with tricky contradiction break out in the pressure,We have grown through difficulties, strengthened our confidence in serving the people, and opened up new prospects for high-quality development.Brave and resolute forward, to swallow the spirit of the tiger in the forefront.The ancient city of thousands of years has gone through vicissitudes of life and prospered. It has nurtured and accumulated the profound characteristics of “old Qin people”, which is the precious spiritual wealth of our work and entrepreneurship.The masses of party members and cadres to stimulate the kinetic energy in inheriting the excellent traditional culture, breaking the self appreciation, complacent mindset, slam the door so small that is full, there are conservative ideas, overcome “almost” “ok” to deal with the thought, stimulate the strive of kinetic energy, riveting “turned on” gallant old qin, take out “qin people bitter resistance since ancient times,” the spirit of the will,Carry forward the high morale of qin people, “blood does not flow dry, fight ceaselessly”, dare to rush to problems, face difficulties, with the tiger’s keen and bold to promote all work to the forefront!The greatest happiness in the world is to strive for the happiness of the people.With the people in our hearts and the truth in our hands, we are full of confidence and strength.Jumping on the back of the tiger time, we want to continue the cattle’s energy, the pace of the tiger, run every step of the year of the tiger to forge ahead!Newspaper commentator