Reunion is the year! “I have prepared enough food for the Lunar New Year’s Dinner for everyone”

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The Spring Festival is approaching, and people are in a hurry to go home. The streets are empty at five o ‘clock in the morning, but wanbang Market is brightly lit. Merchants from all over the country still stick to their stalls on The New Year’s Eve, just to keep the “vegetable basket” for the New Year’s Eve dinner.Kaifeng, Zhumadian, Zhoukou…”I will not go back to my hometown this year because of the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, so as not to cause trouble to the government.”Merchants say they stand out from posters behind them that say “reduce mobility”.Their hometown is in Kaifeng, Zhumadian, Zhoukou…After a busy year, they all want to go home for a happy New Year. However, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic, many businesses choose to give up and return to their hometown, and become “original Year people” again.They are using their actions to fulfill the requirement of “reducing mobility” and turning their homesickness into motivation for efforts.”As long as the family is good and the heart is together, it is Chinese New Year.”End the epidemic as soon as possible, happy New Year, sell out the food early…Hope, a simple but sincere “because of the influence of the outbreak, this year is not how to earn money, hopes to an early end to the” epidemic “my cooking quality guaranteed, which can be at ease to eat, the food sold out quickly, everybody can eat on the eve of the” early “although outbreaks have influence, but under the control of the government, the market was open, this is thanks to the government”, she expected of the New Year,Simple and sincere.This day is an ordinary day among 365 days in a year. It is also a special day on the eve of Chinese New Year.During the interview, a big sister selling celery turned her head from time to time, afraid to miss customers.”Shut up and get to work.”The sugar-cane boy’s voice was full of vigor.”New Year’s Eve dinner of dish, I prepare enough for everybody.”The spinach seller is confident.Even though they are doing ordinary work, they still work hard silently for life;Even if they can’t go home for the New Year, they still look forward to it.Pay tribute to everyone who shines in ordinary life. May the New Year win the old year, the epidemic comes in spring, and the country enjoys peace and prosperity.