Pingliang Municipal Water Bureau actively organized and carried out voluntary service activities to create civilized cities

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To give full play to all the staff members and volunteers straight water system in the national civilized city to create a positive role in the work, further strengthening the construction of credit system, vigorously carry forward the “dedication, love, mutual aid and progress” volunteer spirit, efforts to create a good social atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness, to promote the city work thorough development continuously,Municipal water bureau actively organized and carried out various forms of national civilized city to create voluntary services.On the morning of January 24th, the Union Square community of the Municipal Water Bureau carried out a publicity activity with the theme of “Daxing Civilized wind, Promoting spiritual Civilization”, hung a banner of “Daxing Honest wind, promoting spiritual civilization”, put up a publicity poster of “Civilized city is my home, and urban civilization depends on everyone”, and distributed “Civilization makes the city better,”Civilization makes the city happier” propaganda color pages, paper cups and other propaganda materials, all-round, multi-angle publicity integrity system construction, vigorously promote socialist core values and pingliang city citizens civilization covenant, guide the citizens rooted in the “honorable and trustworthy, shameful” concept, strive to be trustworthy citizens, build civilization cool.This series of publicity activities put up more than 200 posters, distributed 1000 disposable paper cups, 500 propaganda color pages, and mobilized business owners to sign more than 60 “plaza community enterprise stores business integrity management commitment letter”.On the afternoon of January 24, the municipal Water Bureau organized the snow cleaning volunteer service activities, to escort citizens to travel safely. Volunteers braved the cold, or shovel snow, or sweep snow, cooperate with each other, and work together to clean the snow on the non-motorized driveway and sidewalk in front of the unit.For the ice road surface, slow lane, secondary dry road, sidewalk, unit family yard, etc.The next step, the municipal water department will be to create a national civilized city as an opportunity, according to the package to catch to build and blows the whistle, “community department report” working mechanism, to promote socialist core values as the guidance, extensive volunteer service activities, constantly improve the civilized city to create awareness and participation, to create a civilized city of points.(Writer: Zhang Yingqiang Review by: Cao Le)