Entry-level cars with big screens, automatic transmission, take you to see the GAC Trumpchi GA4

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Entry-level car takes time, as well as automatic, low-cost saloon car, take you see gac and kei GA4 most consumers in the choose and buy Chinese brand cars, usually preferred SUV, but this does not mean that we Chinese brand cars are not outstanding, in the many models on the market, there are still a lot of good Chinese brand cars.Today we bring you a Chinese brand car — Trumpchi GA4.The front of the Trumpchi GA4 looks dynamic, and the polygonal grille is decorated with chrome ornaments to further highlight the sporty feel.Cooperate sharp headlamp, look avant-courier individual character, young consumer can be quite favored.Viewed from the side, the body size of the car is 4735/1805/1500mm, with a wheelbase of 2660mm, equipped with Gitong tires, front and rear tire specifications are 205/55 R16.The car side shape beautiful, the overall look and feel is good.Looking back, the rear of Trumpchi GA4 looks quite round and smooth. With the regular taillights, the overall design is full and fashionable, which meets the aesthetic standards of most consumers.Come to trumpchi GA4 inside the car, the car’s interior is mainly black, with silver ornaments embellishing, looks more delicate.In addition, the car is equipped with tire pressure display, rear parking radar, front keyless entry function and many other features.Trumpchi GA4 plastic steering wheel uses the three-spoke design, giving a person the grip experience is very common, but the standard steering wheel up and down manual adjustment.In addition, the car instrument uses a double ring type design, is currently the most common style, information display is very intuitive.Trumpchi GA4 is equipped with imitation leather seats. The seats are in place in the filling of the waist and the seat cushion on both sides, providing a good package and comfort, while maintaining the time is also more convenient.In addition, the car is equipped with the main driver seat 2 height adjustment.The car is equipped with an electric sunroof, which makes the interior space more open and further improves the lighting effect and ride comfort.When it comes to the back row, the rear row space of the car is in line with its product positioning, and the leg space is still fairly generous, which is no problem at all to meet the daily household needs.At the same time, the car is equipped with air outlets.Trumpchi GA4 backcar space performance is good, the internal shape is neat, you can expand the backcar space by putting down the back seat, for a family of daily travel storage, it is more than enough.The Trumpchi GA4 is equipped with a 1.5T L3 engine with a maximum power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 235 N · m, matched with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.Trumpchi GA4 suspension adopts the combination of the former McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension, and at the same time adopts the front-drive drive mode.Trumpchi GA4 is a car quite suitable for family, it has a good cost performance and fashionable appearance, and the texture of the interior is also fairly good, relatively user-friendly price is one of its biggest selling points.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022