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Dalian at present, banks in Dalian began to implement lower interest rates, the first set of mortgage interest rate is generally 5.25%, the second set of mortgage interest rate is generally 5.45%, respectively follow the 5-year above LPR (loan market quotation rate) together down 5 basis points.LPR of more than 5 years as the pricing benchmark of housing mortgage interest rate is particularly concerned by residents, because the decrease of LPR will benefit “mortgage buyers” and reduce mortgage expenditure to a certain extent. According to the new LPR quotation: 1-year LPR is 3.7%, down 10 basis points compared with last month;The LPR for more than five years was 4.6%, down 5 basis points from the previous month.The bank industry personage introduces, this mortgage interest rate is lowered, dalian each bank adds a point range basically unchanged, before January 21 each bank executes the first set to add 65 basis points on the basis of LPR, two sets to add 85 basis points of standard.When can you enjoy the lower interest rate?For existing customers, most customers will only be able to enjoy the reduced interest rate from January 1, 2023, because the existing mortgage is subject to the buyer’s re-pricing date.According to the dalian branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, most banks will adjust prices from the first month of the New Year, which means they will adjust prices on January 1, 2023.But new buyers who complete their loans after Jan. 20, 2022, will enjoy immediate benefits.For a small number of customers who choose to re-price the house according to the date of purchase of the loan over 12 months, or they can enjoy the reduced bonus in advance according to the time of purchase of the loan.The five-year LPR cut will have no impact on borrowers with fixed rates.