Six out of 29 for three!What do the lakers win? They can’t score, they can’t defend, they can’t win the championship

2022-06-29 0 By

On Jan. 28, the Lakers suffered another loss, losing by 18 points to the 76ers, 87-105 on the road.The game, James absent because of injury, the lakers leaderless, heavy eyebrows brother is bold, but hot state failed to give the lakers a victory, the whole game down, the elder brother of the heavy eyebrows is spell efforts in the first section under the condition of injury to return to the dressing room, minor injuries than firewire, played the whole game, with injuries in the end, 14, 21 of heavy eyebrows empty had 31 points and 12 rebounds,Watch your opponent walk away with victory.Less power in the first three quarters performance in general cases, the details to stand up, 4, 4, 9 points, 9 in all 15, had 20 points and 4 rebounds 3 assists, fly in the ointment is that less this king once again become a mistake, he a game-high six turnovers, positive and negative value – 11, top two team first from bottom of the starters, however,There’s no denying westbrook’s performance in the last quarter.Aside from Westbrook and Timberlake, the Lakers’ three starters, Monk, Bradley and Johnson, combined for 15 points and all three shot poorly.Monk made 3 of 13, Bradley 1 of 4 and Johnson 1 of 6, asking the Lakers how not to lose.The bench was also a disaster, with Anthony 4-for-11, Tucker 2-for-8, Ellington 1-for-4, Reeves 0-for-4 and Howard 1-for-2.With a huge deficit, Vogel sent Ellington in at the last minute, hoping he could play the role of the magic soldier, but ellington missed three points again and again.The Lakers felt like they had neither offense nor defense, not in the same league as the Sixers on both ends of the floor.It’s worth noting that the Lakers were 6-of-29 from 3-point range, shooting 20.7 percent, a disgrace that has been a problem for the lakers so far this season, and in recent seasons, and that they will never win a championship, let alone the playoffs.The lakers’ best 3-point shooter was Russell Westbrook, who was 2 of 3 from beyond the arc, with Monk, Anthony, Tucker and Ellington each hitting a 3-pointer.His return has certainly improved the lakers’ overall defense, but when he goes off the court, the lakers can’t play.Turnovers have been a problem for the lakers so far this season, and Westbrook hasn’t been able to fix it.Reinforcing this season for the lakers have become a problem, luol deng don’t play, but to secure 5 million, now, the big three locked the lakers’ salary cap space, the lakers have no operation, basic for the lakers, can only rely on the core of the team now, in addition, they have no other better way, the lakers the team not to keep,Lebron is going to waste another year of his youth this season.The lakers aren’t even going to make the playoffs at this rate, but as for championship, forget it.