Redmi K50 esports version was launched, jointly named Mercedes -AMG F1 team to create a core flagship

2022-06-28 0 By

On the evening of February 16th, Xiaomi group welcomed the first launch event of 2022, and brought a series of core new products: Redmi K50 esports edition, Mercedes-benz AMG Ma Petroleum F1 team deep cooperation K50 Champion edition phone and Redmi esports router AX5400.Redmi K50 esports version 8GB+128GB version 3299 yuan, 12GB+128GB version 3599 yuan, 12GB+256GB version 3899 yuan; Redmi K50 esports version 8GB+128GB version 3299 yuan;Redmi K50 Champion edition 12GB+256GB edition 4199 yuan, limited to 10,000 units.The Redmi esports router AX5400 costs 599 yuan, or 549 yuan for pre-sale.The Redmi K50 e-sports edition is called the “cold-blooded flagship full of lines”. It is upgraded to e-sports standard with no reservation. It is more e-sports than flagship and more versatile than e-sports.This product with no shortcomings and no regrets shows Redmi’s strong brand spirit of “desperate love”, which opens the prelude of Redmi’s “K50 Universe”.On February 14th, Redmi announced through its official Microblog that Redmi has become the exclusive mobile phone partner of The Mercedes-AMG Horse Oil F1 team. The two sides will join hands to put the competitive spirit into technological innovation and explore the ultimate performance.Use cutting-edge technology to provide users with the ultimate products.On the day of the press conference, Redmi and Mercedes-AMG F1 team jointly launched the K50 Champion edition. Its body integrates many automotive sports features, especially mercedes-AMG F1 team exclusive elements, showing a strong sense of speed and competition.The Mercedes-AMG F1 team is the performance myth of modern F1. It has won the manufacturers’ World Championship for eight consecutive years since 2014, becoming the only constructor of “eight consecutive Crowns” in F1 history.Adhering to the pursuit of the ultimate performance, the team continues to innovate F1 cutting-edge technology and apply it to civilian models, so that every performance lover can experience the ultimate driving experience.This spirit coincides with Redmi’s brand pursuit.Since the implementation of the dual brand strategy, Redmi, born for performance, with the ultimate love, constantly breaking through the limit, continuous innovation, and strive to popularize high-end products, to create top performance and the best experience for young people.With the launch of the K50 esports edition, Redmi K series has once again reached a new level.The Redmi K40 series, dubbed the “K40 Universe” by mi fans, has maintained its competitive edge throughout the year since its launch on February 25 last year.At the press conference on The 16th, Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi Group, president of China and international Department and general manager of Redmi brand, announced that the total sales of Redmi K40 series officially broke the ten million mark, worthy of the title of “flagship door welder” in 2021.The latest Redmi K50 e-sports version continues the strong product strength of the K series, but more importantly, Redmi’s “love regardless of everything” brand spirit once again deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Redmi has always been a brand with a distinct attitude and strong style. It is committed to pursuing the limit with love and creating core products with superior performance and full score experience for young people.The partnership between Redmi and the Mercedes-AMG F1 team has further promoted this spirit.Lu weibing said at the press conference that in the future, the Redmi brand will continue to upgrade to be more hardcore, younger and trendy.Unlike previous conferences, the Redmi K50 e-sports version of the press conference had two young people born in the 1990s and Lu Weibing onstage as the keynote speaker, which is the first time in the history of xiaomi’s press conference.The product team represented by the two young people put the brand spirit of Redmi into practice. They poured their love into the products, unswervingly pursued technological innovation and performance breakthrough, and finally created the ultimate product.Redmi “K50 Universe” has been opened, which is worth the expectation of consumers.