People who talk to you like this often seem harmless but despise you

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Click on the top of the blue word attention, qingfeng every day with you to analyze emotional knowledge.In reality, there is such a person, seems to talk to you, very good to you, but in fact is not, they just look down on you.When talking to you, it is obviously a laugh or joke, but afterwards they said they did not mean any harm, I hope you can understand.There is a kind of people, that is, do one thing and say another.Obviously malicious, but very nice, as if they are not intentional, I advise you really do not have deep friendship with such people, because they actually look down on you.Generally such a person, always like to live the following 4 sentences, meet to pay attention to.The first kind of people, they always like to judge you in front of people, when you are unhappy, they say it is for your own good.Let you embarrassed angry, also embarrassed to use malicious to guess, but in fact such a person, not really for you, but look down on you.For example, they talk about your shortcomings, your scandals, your bad things in front of people, and then they say it’s for you.Friend Xiao Nan met such a person, the other is xiao Nan’s former colleague, since Xiao Nan changed his job, the two have become friends, every time they get together, the colleague began to comment on Xiao Nan.Sometimes they say that Xiaonan’s hair style is not good, sometimes they say that xiaonan’s clothes will not match, sometimes they say that Xiaonan’s bag is very strange, and they even say that they will give themselves money when they give birth to their children, but they do not buy it.At first Xiaonan reluctantly smiled, but later xiaonan angry, the other party said, is for xiaonan good, so xiaonan next time will not spend undeserved money.Facing the other party’s speech, Xiao Nan did not know what to say.There is one kind is like this, obviously look down on you, said as if very good, but in fact, when a person once in front of the evaluation of you, no matter what you say, you have to know, the other party is actually looking down on you.Telling you what to do and how to get along with the people who are helping you requires respect.But in reality, there is a kind of people but not, they tell you what to do in your life, to your life is not criticism, is interference, do not know how to respect you.In their eyes, they will always be better than you, they will always be better than you, they will always know more than you, they will always deny you, or beat you.When the other side is negative and beat you, you will find that such people are not really good to you, but look down on you.But such people, obviously do not respect you, but still tell you that they are helping you, such people, I advise you to stay away from.Any relationship is mutual, and there needs to be a distance, that is, I respect you, you respect me. When this situation is broken in a relationship, you will find that it is uncomfortable to live with, it is painful to live with.When you feel uncomfortable and unhappy in a relationship, it is not suitable for a long-term relationship. After all, no one will stay in an unhappy relationship.When you consider someone a real friend, do you judge their life?Do they bossing each other about their lives?I don’t think so, certainly not the people who really think of you as friends, only the people who don’t care about you, the people who look down on you.The people who always beat you and say that they think about your future have a kind of people who will beat you with their mouth and talk about you with their mouth. There is no advantage or merit in you from their mouth.Full of shortcomings, full of unsatisfactory, in the face of such a person, you will only feel inferior, will only deny themselves, feel that they are nothing good.What do you do at such times?I don’t think anyone wants to get along with such a person, the important thing is that such a person, not only bring you down, but also for your future good.I always believe that a sharp mouth, no bean curd heart, can say so malicious words, has caused harm to you, there will be no compassion, do not comfort yourself.Friend Juanzi said he broke up with a friend, and the reason for breaking up is that the other side always hit himself, also said he was to juanzi’s future consideration.Once juanzi in a book, the other party said, you don’t look at, don’t waste someone else hard to write the book, Juanzi was very angry, asked: “why can’t I read?”The other said, “What’s the use of reading?What does it change?”Juanzi was very angry, angry, finally the other party said: “I do this is for you.”Juanzi feel very speechless, finally said, this is a slap a sugar, is really.Finally, Juanzi chose to break up, juanzi said, such a person, there is no need to contact.There is one kind is like this, obviously do bad things for you, but say it is good for you, to help you, such a person is inconsistent, you meet, must not deep friendship, even to stay away from.There are people who, when they are with you, will always laugh at you, not because you are not smart enough, but because you are stupid, sometimes they will laugh at you in public, when you are not angry, they will continue, but if you are angry, they will say it is a joke.He may even say that you can’t take a joke, but in fact he will be more angry if you make a joke of him.Some people are like this, when they are to others, always a pair of comfortable appearance, but once it is their turn, they will not, they feel that the other party is not suitable, this is not good, but when they do, but completely feel.People get along with each other, which means I respect you, you respect you, I care about your feelings, you also care about mine.Such a relationship can last for a long time, a person who respects you and cares about you is also worth getting along with us and worth us to meet. Such a person is a person with self-restraint and quality.And those who clearly say that hurt you, but say good to you, I advise you not to contact, such a person is not really treat you as a friend, but look down on you, such a person, you are not really respect, is not really treat you as a friend, meet away from it!-END- Author introduction: sunny wind, rational to see the world, warm to see love, LET my words can move you, bring you warmth.