Enter new territory more extraordinary brand-new 2 generation GS8 shock appear on the market

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The new second-generation GS8 is based on the MODULAR architecture L platform of GPMA GAC Global Platform. It is the first model of GAC Trumpchi’s “hybrid + Intelligent” dual-core drive development strategy and the first Chinese brand model equipped with The fourth-generation THS hybrid power system.The new second-generation GS8 is built on the basis of core technologies such as GPMA architecture, Jusang Power, ADiGO Intelligent driving ecosystem and Jusxing chassis, aiming to make customers feel more high-value vehicle experience.The launch of the new second-generation GS8 means that GAC Trumpchi will lead the brand upward with comprehensive hybrid technology.After the price announcement, the new GS8 2 set sail, riding the wind and waves, instantly lit up the atmosphere.In the evening, a phalanx of 1,818 drones lit up the night sky to show off the new second generation GS8 wings and listing prices to announce his return.New car analysis:New second generation GS8 L platform based on the GPMA framework, using “star diamond film” new design language, on modelling, the “exhibition of wing” and “dragon scales on the wing” double grating modelling, the world first “eye of the conquest” open jewels design head lamp, “red” tail lights, blue and green ink seal new floating oxygen body color make the whole car show luxury, atmosphere;The front of the face is very large and domineering.Taillight design and headlamp echo each other, officially called “red diamond” taillight, taillight diamond design into the prism, crystal texture is extremely strong.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Pilot series are 4980/1950/1780mm respectively, and the length, width and height of the two-engine series are 5015×1950×1780 respectively, and the wheelbase is 2920mm.In terms of interior, the new GS8 has also been greatly upgraded. The new GS8 is equipped with a 14.6-inch large central screen and 12.3-inch fully fitted LCD instrument, creating a perfect luxury and technology atmosphere.Plus 2920mm extra long wheelbase brings large space, as well as six, seven seat layout, with two rows of queen recliner, driving experience is very excellent.Fuel version of the car with a large number of leather materials and suture processing, the two-engine series is the use of high-end suede material cover, more luxurious noble.The new GS8 is equipped with rich and leading technology.The newly upgraded supersensible interactive intelligent cockpit covers more functions, including the technology-leading multi-million level technology configuration AR-HUD, ADiGO 4.0 intelligent Internet of Things and intelligent assisted driving, etc. Coupled with AVDC shadow driver, it is committed to bringing users more intelligent and humanized high-quality driving experience.In terms of power, the all-new second generation GS8 fuel edition is powered by a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with 252 horsepower and 400 nm of peak torque.In terms of transmission system, it is matched with the Aixin 8AT gearbox.The hybrid version is equipped with the fourth-generation THS hybrid power system of Feng Tian, which is composed of a 2.0t engine and Feng Tian ECVT, with fuel consumption of 5.3L/100km under NEDC conditions.Feng field’s oil-electric hybrid system technology has been accumulated for more than 20 years, after four iterations, and has 18 million users worldwide. Stability naturally does not need to be worried.Its power battery uses fengtian mature nickel metal hydride battery, has the characteristics of large capacity, high safety, good reliability, long life, even in the worst case the battery will not catch fire, relatively safe and assured.In addition to the “twin-engine series”, the new second-generation GS8 also launched the fuel version of the “Pilot series”, it carries a 2.0t GDI engine + Japan Aishin8AT transmission, the maximum power of 185kW, peak torque of 400Nm, has the “class of the strongest 2.0T” reputation.Based on the QDR project, the new GS8 was developed using more than 200 professional experimental verification team, more than 320 vehicles, more than 450 verification projects, experienced more than 70 typical road conditions and extreme environment test points, and the vehicle durability test reached 4 million kilometers.Hybrid + intelligent strategy first landing vehicles, new second generation GS8 hybrid perfect in double carbon strategy under the background of gac and kei has been clear about the “hybrid intelligent +” dual-core driven development strategy, the goal is to achieve full of model 2025 hybrid, hybrid sales accounted for over 60% in 2030, the challenge to become carbon neutral in 2045.The new second-generation GS8 is the first vehicle to be launched under gaC Trumpchi’s dual-core strategy of “hybrid + intelligent”.From the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, hybrid is a more appropriate choice at present.On the one hand, more than 70% of China’s electricity is now generated by thermal power generation, and total reliance on electric power brings regional transfer of carbon emissions.On the other hand, hybrid models have more power and reliability, no mileage and charging waiting anxiety, and are more in line with the driving habits of most car owners in China.For the next 15 years, hybrid remains the most economical, efficient and fast carbon reduction technology and mobility option.Gac Group layout of “hybrid” for a long time, the independent research and development of hybrid system can be traced back to 2009, so far has accumulated more than 10 years of development experience, mature and reliable technology.In addition to the self-developed system, GAC Group chooses to introduce fengtian’s brand new fourth-generation THS hybrid system, which has accumulated over 20 years of technology and gained more than 18 million users worldwide after four iterations. It is safe, reliable and reliable.The new second-generation GS8 is the first Chinese brand model equipped with FENGtian THS hybrid technology, and also the world’s first model with a 2.0T engine combined with Fengtian THS hybrid technology, providing users with a strong, smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient driving experience.Thanks to the same level of the strongest power combination, the new second generation GS8 dual-engine series 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.9s, NEDC operating fuel consumption of 5.3L/100km, the conventional state, a full tank of oil can run more than 1000km, JI limit test under the condition of a tank of oil driving range of up to 2022 km,Is “the pursuit of power and fuel consumption balance” consumer groups of gold choice.The new second-generation GS8 dual-engine series gives consideration to fuel consumption and power experience, while the Pilot series fully develops the power potential. It is equipped with a high-power 2.0T GDI engine with the title of “the most powerful 2.0T in China” + the third-generation 8AT powertrain of Aixin, and then matches the AVDC shadow rider function to form a golden dynamic control combination.Start response and shift smoothness are greatly improved compared with the previous generation.The first high-end SUV under the GPMA architecture, the new second-generation GS8 is full of technology and luxury. In addition to driving the hybrid technology, the new second-generation GS8 is carrying the mission of leading the brand of GAC Trumpchi to make breakthroughs.First yi DaiChuanQi GS8 | inquiry (configuration) is the first to break the Chinese brand price ceiling level 200000 models, it appears, to the joint venture brand strong shock.Now, the new second generation GS8 has fully evolved back. On the basis of inherits the high quality and high appearance level of the first generation GS8, the product power has fully evolved.The new second-generation GS8 is based on THE GAC global platform modular architecture GPMA-L platform, and is fully upgraded to meet the needs of customers.The platform enables the new GS8 to achieve intergenerational improvements in ride comfort, steering response, braking system, braking efficiency, four-wheel drive response time, and handling performance, bringing a new driving experience to consumers.