A man in Shanghai came home after drinking to find that his house was gone, and was smashed by police, the reason is clear

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Guide language: after one man drinks wine to come home, the door of discovery oneself is tattered and tattered, after knowing reason silence.Many net friends also express, should compensate!Some time ago, a man in Shanghai made an appointment with his friends for a wine party in the evening. When he was at home, he looked at the alarm clock and felt that it was almost time to go.The man and his friends drank happily, and we were reunited for a long time.The man gradually got a little drunk, and his friends were also drunk, and everyone went home to rest.When the man returned home, he initially thought his house had been burgled.The man looked at the door of his home, temporarily confused, the man’s door was cut bad, wood cut off half of the floor.The man doesn’t understand that he went out for a drink with his friends and came back like this.The man learned that the door of his house was broken by the police. The police arrested the wrong family and locked the door, thinking it was his own.The police also felt it was an oversight and paid for the man’s door with a brand new security net.Many netizens also left comments after seeing the incident, saying that the person who called the wrong police should pay for all the damage.Is not the police uncle made a mistake in the address, the family is also to protect the people’s property safety, strange should blame that wrong alarm.There are also net friends said, compensate on the line, still think where the thief is so crazy, so break into steal things.M: The door of my house has been vandalized like that.After the man’s understanding, is someone reported to the police, the wrong door, resulting in the police broke the wrong door.The police knew it was their fault as well as that of the person who called the police, and offered compensation to the man.Many netizens also said that an apology should be made and compensation should be made.Just pay you a security door is done, that disassembly cost who.What xiaobian wants to say is that when reporting to the police, you should also say to the portal, otherwise it will cause trouble to others.