Zhao Zhixun Kobayashi koichi stop veteran game 8 strong!

2022-06-27 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, Japan’s first emperor police cup veteran tournament 8 strong again two games, Yuichi Yuan and Aoki Kiyoyo respectively beat opponents, and the end of January took the lead to advance to Kato Tomoko round 4 strong, another set has not engaged.Prior to January 31, the first set of eight strong engagement, Kato Tomoko black 71 hands quickly won the first promotion of Lin Haifeng.Today’s two sets of engagements, Yuichi Yoda versus Zhao Zhixun, Aoki Kiyoyo versus Kobayashi.First game after the end of the garden he beat Zhao Zhixun you play with black, the situation on the top half two players for very anxious, Zhao Zhixun in the central disk ko fight lapse in judgment, a big spoon, situation is yuan tianyong, a master, to the 153 hands, Zhao Zhixun can only stop the clock the towel another battle, soft hei long aoki lost generation, the two players fighting 320 hands,Aoki Kikyu generation from the preamble won the lead, Kobayashi has been trying to reverse, but failed to succeed.