The Tiger economy is booming in the year of the Tiger

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Xinhua News Agency Guangzhou, February 6 (reporter Lv Guangyi)Boots on the “tiger out of the mountain”, clothes on the “Meng Tiger New Year”, the bottle of “fu Tiger Xianrui”……During the Spring Festival, the reporter visited the retail market and found that all kinds of goods are covered with “tiger skin”. A dazzling array of tiger-related products are placed in the most prominent position of the store, which is favored by consumers and causes a shopping boom.Tiger elements cultural products are displayed in the shop window of Beijing Road Business District in Guangzhou.Even during the Spring Festival holiday, the Beijing Road business district in Guangzhou is still crowded with tourists, and the red and gold decorations for the New Year show brisk business.In order to seize the opportunity of the New Year, some shopping malls have launched the Year of the Tiger creative market, combining traditional food, decorations and cultural and creative products with tiger elements in various forms to create new business opportunities and new selling points, attracting many people to stop and buy.”Sales were good around the Spring Festival holiday.Tiger image plasticity is relatively strong, can be cute or fierce, can be traditional or trendy, can create a favorite products of all ages.”Creative bazaar staff xiao told reporters.Popular among young people, such as Guochao, cultural innovation, blind box and other products are also enjoying the year of the Tiger.In the cultural and creative area of Guangzhou United Bookstore, the artist integrated the image of the tiger into the original IP design, portable mahjong, decompression artifact, tiger head ornaments, etc. occupy the WINDOW C position.Ms. Gao, a guangzhou resident holding a tiger bag, said she was willing to buy products related to the Chinese zodiac during the Spring Festival. “The current zodiac products are both designed and creative, which are very suitable for young people, so they are willing to buy what they like.”Fuhu gold ornaments into a gold brand year selling point.Xinhua News Agency reporter Lv Guangyi photo Spring Festival holiday, gold consumer market also ushered in the peak season.In order to grasp the year of the tiger off to a good start, each major gold brands coinciding with the launch of the year of the tiger gold coins, gold tiger ornaments, fu Tiger pendant, bracelet and other timely new.On the first floor of Guangzhou Tianhe City Department store, there are dozens of special counters of various gold jewelry brands, and the Year of the Tiger has become the most popular product around the Spring Festival.”The tiger has good intentions and many people are willing to buy for good luck at the beginning of the New Year. In addition, compared with last year, the gold price of this year has declined, and we have increased the strength of discount promotion. Multiple factors have contributed to the sales of zodiac gold ornaments during the Spring Festival.”Counter sales staff told reporters.Zodiac wine market is also hot.Many wine enterprises have launched the Year of the Tiger zodiac wine, compared with ordinary categories, zodiac wine prices are generally higher, but it is still popular with consumers, become a popular choice for many people to invest and collect.Major skin care brands launched limited products for the Year of the Tiger.Xinhua News Agency reporter Lv Guangyi photo as the Chinese zodiac economy “old players”, foreign brands have also read the year of the Tiger business, launched the Spring Festival limited edition products.At the cosmetics counter of the shopping mall, a number of foreign skin care brands have specially opened a Special area for the Spring Festival. The bright red packaging is matched with golden tiger patterns, creating a strong New Year atmosphere.Luxury brands also launched tiger-inspired scarves, accessories, watches and other limited edition products to seize the sales opportunity of the Chinese market in the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.Responsible editor: Wu Xiaohui Source: :05 Xinhua net