Wu Huawen led the uprising, his Yang tuan a “return” national army sequence, captured in a mess

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Please click “follow” above before reading, thank you for your support, I hope to bring you a good reading experience, and share the happiness of reading with you!I will bring you more wonderful stories in the future!On October 22, 1948, Zhang Yunyi, deputy commander of the East China Military Region, “picked up” Yang Tuan-yi, a captured major general and deputy division commander of the 84th Kuomintang Division, from among the captured generals and temporarily detained him at the headquarters of the East China Bureau.He then sent a telegram to Wu Xian, hua Ye’s communications chief, to discuss what to do about the captured former army general.The Kuomintang BGF eighty-fourth Division major general deputy division commander Yang Tuan Yi in the end what things, unexpectedly let me East China military region deputy commander Zhang Yunyi “big bang” advice, he processed?Next, the author will combine the literature to explain the story behind it.In September 1948, with the approval of the Central Military Commission and Chairman MAO, the East China Field Army launched an offensive in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. At that time, The Kuomintang’s second appeasement area commander and Shandong Provincial government chairman Wang Yaowu gathered 110,000 national troops to defend Jinan city.In the face of the entrenched situation, I east China field army in order to establish the determination and morale of siege operations, in addition to the Shandong Corps as the main siege force, but also mobilized 180,000 block aid army, which makes my east China field army in the capture of Jinan city has more confidence.At the same time, the liaison department of the East China Field Army also made contact with the underground party members of jinan City, hoping that they could do the work of the generals guarding the city, so that they could recognize the current situation and make the right choice.In the meantime, Wu Hua-wen, commander of the Kuomintang’s 96th Army, had made contact with our underground party members in Jinan. The two sides had discussed the uprising of Wu Hua-wen’s army for many times, but Wu Hua-wen seemed to hesitate, so that the uprising had been shelved for a time.And at the same time, Wu Huawen’s subordinate kuomintang BGF eighty-fourth division major general and deputy division commander Yang Tuan yi know this thing, but and Wu Huawen “have a different plan.”On September 16, 1948, jinan campaign commander of the army Xu Shiyou commanded, I’s people’s liberation army (PLA) troops launched a broad assault to jinan city, the people’s liberation army artillery unit to the city of jinan military redoubt launched rounds of heavy bombardment, Wu Huawen see after the people’s liberation army offensive attacks in headquarters, on tenterhooks, knew uprising was imminent,As a result, Wu Huawen left the headquarters and began to carry out activities in various brigades to make the final preparations for the uprising.And all this, Yang Tuanyi see in the eye, he wanted to report to Wang Yaowu, but thought of their own and Wu Huawen “with the robe of love”, did not inform wang Yaowu.At that time, Wang Yaowu had called Wu Huawen headquarters, asked the whereabouts of Wu Huawen, Yang Tuanyi is also with lies prevarication in the past, so that Wang Yaowu is not suspicious.While Wu Huawen also run on a trip, making final revolt plot, and in the process, but they held, on September 19 in the evening, Wu Huawen under a colonel colonel became informers, he came to the headquarters of the wang yao-wu, alone will Wu Huawen uprising, reported to the wang yao-wu, wang yao-wu a listen to,Just know that wu Huawen has been unable to find people has been planning the uprising, therefore, Wang Yaowu directly scolded niang, cursed wu Huawen.And the Kuomintang bG eighty-fourth Division major general and deputy division commander Yang Tuanyi although he said he did not inform wang Yaowu, but when the KUOMINTANG BG eighty-fourth Division uprising, he took the opportunity of surrounding personnel do not pay attention to quietly from the uprising troops, alone ran to Wang Yaowu’s headquarters, found Wang Yaowu on the report:I did not agree with Wu Huawen’s treachery, and my family also lived in the city. I did not want to go with him, so I made up my mind to come back.Wang Yaowu saw the uprising after the “return” of the Kuomintang reorganized eighty-fourth division major general and deputy division Commander Yang Tuanyi, the heart of joy, quickly to Appease Yang Tuanyi, and let him return to the national army sequence, to prepare for the subsequent battle.Nations “base shop” sequence of group a, Yang captured when stretched from September 20 to September 24, jinan residual forces and the nations of the city’s people’s liberation army (PLA) troops with me the fierce street fighting, the two sides to outdo each other, and Yang group a is always hide in places they lived, dare not go out, his personal know jinan city is kept constantly, in the end he will become the captive of the PLA,So he decided not to wait and die, but to run for his life.As a result, Yang Tuanyi took off his military general clothes, put on the clothes of the people, summoned up the courage, out of his house, he came to the street, found that the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army has been the whole jinan city under attack, everywhere is the People’s Liberation Army soldiers in patrol.He was mixed in the crowd fleeing from The city of Jinan, alone to the direction of Qingdao, but on the way to the PLA soldiers in the routine inspection, to catch out, so far, the former National army major general eventually became my PEOPLE’s Liberation Army captive.As soon as The news of Yang Tuan’s capture reached the headquarters of our East China Field Army, Zhang Yunyi, deputy commander of the East China Military Region, immediately sent a telegram to Wu Xian, director of Huanye’s liaison department. The telegram read as follows:Yang Tuanyi, the former deputy division commander of the eighty-fourth division, went to Qingdao from Jinan and was found near Zhangdian. According to reports, When Wu Culture revolted, Yang Tuanyi told Wang Yaowu against him, so he kept him. I hope you can study the method and consult Wu Huawen’s opinion if necessary.And Huano contact minister Wu Xian received the telegram, immediately made a reply, Yang regiment a temporary detention in the east China field Army headquarters.After Yang Tuan was captured, he was extremely discomfited.he was only 60 years old, so he could not bow straight, and his tired face made people feel sympathy and pity.At the time, PLA officers asked him why he had fled after the uprising.Back to the nations of the sequence of this problem, Yang Tuanyi replied: Is Wu Huawen ordered me to report to Wang Yaowu, soldiers to obey orders as the first duty, I this deputy division commander can not listen to the commander of the command?If you listen and the discourse is a language of plausibility Yang group, he in order to shuffle your own responsibility, all the blame on his old superior Wu Huawen, but Wu Huawen and Yang group work a long time after all, was born in northwest army, natural won’t embarrass Yang group a on this issue, so the matter was not, stand out against Yang group is a lie,This makes Yang Tuanyi did not receive any punishment for this matter.Follow-up, Yang Tuanyi was sent to the high captured group for transformation and learning, because Yang Tuanyi was nearly 60 years old at that time, is the oldest military generals in the high captured group, so he in the high captured group to the big brother, let the high captured group of other captured military generals call him “big brother”.But high captured in the group of generals and generals did not call him big brother, but is called him “old goat”, so what reason makes high captured in the group of generals and generals called him “old goat”?After Yang Tuan came to the high captive group, everyday spare time, one is looking for someone to play chess to relieve boredom, one is to meet people to tell “yellow jokes”, when he tells “yellow jokes”, it can be said that he is talkative, voluble, so there is the “old loachman” this name.But Yang Tuanyi smiled and said, “I’m too old to be taught. If I live for a few years, I’ll be done. If you don’t release me, I’ll just eat enough for one day.”In 1955, Yang Tuanyi was sent to Beijing Gongdelin War Criminals Administration Institute for reform and study, and on November 28, 1960, he was granted the second batch of amnesty.At this time, Yang Tuanyi was already a waste old man entering his old age. His colleagues and subordinates who had revolted in the 84th Division of the Kuomintang had already been generals of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army. After the establishment of the new China, they had taken up new jobs and made necessary contributions to the construction of the new China.On the contrary, Yang group one step wrong, all win, if he and his old superior Wu Huawen uprising together, he is not necessarily now this result, and cause all these results is Yang Group a person’s consciousness is not deep enough, can not assess the situation.Are always a faithful follower of Chiang kai-shek, wait until he entered the prison management, he didn’t know he has previously to do is wrong, although he engineered and learning, finally chose and a clear dividing line with the Chiang kai-shek group on the people’s side, but by the time he won amnesty which days, at the moment he walked out of the prison management,He realized that he had lost his best days.Therefore, the story of the former military general, warned us must take the right road, rather than obstinately, adhere to the wrong thing, to their own life brought such an impact!