Medical major admits liberal arts student to live rarely, what reason is there inside?What are some good recommendations for medical majors

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Only takes less, first of all, the medical profession in which western medicine recruit professional national changsha medical university school of arts living, bengbu medical college, chongqing medical university recruit school of arts living at the provincial level, most of China medical university also recruit school of arts living, recruit a few combine traditional Chinese and western medicine professional arts living, the rest of the medical school of arts living are the lion’s share of the nursing profession.Many western medicine department of humanities students, because modern western medicine is built on the basis of modern biology, chemistry, physics, and statistics, the modern western medicine is built on the basis of modern biology, chemistry, physics and statistics on the basis of the students in these areas of the humanities is the lack of, so when they are in university have to learn,In other words, medicine is based on the modern natural science system and needs to be supported by the natural science foundation.Another problem is that, it seems that many of the medical staff know just stop in clinical stage, in fact, the development of medicine from many different directions, so if they are interested in clinical work is not, can consider to other directions, for example, anesthesiology is a recommended to undergraduate course, medical imaging technology, bachelor degree in clinical medicine was close to saturation,Relatively speaking, it is relatively good employment, but some places in south China are easy to find, such as Zhejiang side, need to take an examination of postgraduate.Nursing work known to all, the college is a good job, of course, a lot of people think nurse salary is low, the intensity of labor is big, this is your own view, but from the point of view of employment, or good, there are two other direction, eyes see light is very popular now, if you can enter the medical optometry, don’t worry, the other one is oral medicine,What other medical majors do you think are worth applying for?