Like you “berry” reason!Sidu farm strawberry picking time

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“Look at the strawberries I picked. They are big and red. Come and taste them!””Good sweet!Take some back to mother later.”…Walking into Sidu Farm located in Guanba Community, Sidu Town, Huichuan District, strawberry greenhouses of 100 mu are lined up, the air is filled with bursts of strawberry fragrance, many tourists are walking through it, laughter and laughter in the shed.”Tomb-sweeping Day is coming. It’s fun to go for an outing and pick strawberries.”Yu Shanghong, who lives in downtown Zunyi, sighed, “The scenery is good here, and the strawberries are delicious. We have a good time.”According to Zhou Liangren of general manager of limited company of agricultural development of zunyi Huitong, present whole strawberry base has 30 kinds of strawberry already ripe, can be picked for tourist, there are more than 20 varieties in trying to plant.”There are fewer tourists on weekdays and more on weekends, and most of them are picked by parents, not only strawberries, but also fresh vegetables.”Zhou liangren said.It is understood that in recent years, Sidu farm to green agriculture, quality agriculture as the guide, innovative use of garlic seedling pest control technology, in strawberry fields to plant garlic seedling, instead of pesticide insect repellent traditional method, in strict accordance with the ecological standards of planting and production.At the same time, the use of “online + offline” combination of three-dimensional propaganda means to open sales, to create modern agriculture, science and technology agriculture.Since its establishment, in addition to relying on its unique geographical advantages and superior ecological environment to build a three-dimensional and efficient modern agricultural new model, Sidu Farm has also, under the guidance of the government, focused on consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, fully implemented the agricultural policy of “promoting employment and stabilizing people’s livelihood”, and given priority to the local people around Sidu Town for employment.”I work here close to home. I come to work when I have time. It’s very convenient for me to do my own thing at home.”Sidu farm worker Yang Dahui told reporters, in addition to the current harvest of mature strawberries, but also to sow the next season of strawberry seeds to prepare.Zhou liangren said that at present, Sidu farm has built about 70 mu of strawberry science and technology seedling museum and 125 mu of ecological green strawberry planting greenhouse, the shed planted a variety of precious strawberry plants grow well.The output value of strawberry is expected to be about 6 million yuan in 2022.Reporter: Wang Jieru Chen Zhuangzhuang Lou Fangxu;Photo: Zhao Xiaofei Source: Focus on Huichuan