Shaanxi Cultural Investment Ankang Cultural Tour won two awards!

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The 2021 China (Shaanxi) Culture and Tourism Overall Rating List was announced on February 16th.Ankang Lake Scenic Spot, operated and managed by Shaanxi Cultural Investment Group ankang Lake Cultural Tourism Industry Investment Co., LTD., won the annual Cultural and tourism Integration Demonstration Scenic Spot and Yinghu Hotel won the annual Most Favorable Hotel awards.By China’s urban tourism alliance, “the Chinese first media club sponsored by the” number one commentator “speak good story in shaanxi province and the 15th China (shaanxi), a list of culture and tourism judgement through public solicitation and registration, qualification examination and screening, the public voting and expert, comprehensive multi-dimensional factors selection, a total of 13 big prize, eventually selected at the unit.Ankangying Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is a national AAAA level scenic spot, a provincial scenic spot, and one of the top ten scenic spots in Shaanxi province. It is located 16 kilometers southwest of ankang City, Shaanxi Province, and is the largest fresh water lake in the five provinces of northwest China.The total area is 102.8 square kilometers, of which the water area is 77 square kilometers, the circumference is 540 kilometers, the storage capacity is 2.6 billion cubic meters, the average water depth is more than 100 meters.Scenic area clear water and blue sky, Qinba fairyland, excellent water quality, rich species, mild climate, numerous islands.In recent years, Yinghu Scenic spot has been exploring the integration of cultural elements into the tourism industry while developing its main business.Based on the original scenic spots, the ship culture, as well as ying Lake’s unique fish feast culture, tea ceremony culture and so on, systematically create the cultural accumulation of Ying Lake scenic spot.In 2021, Yinghu Scenic Spot undertook the reception work of the venue environment for the 14th Water Marathon of the National Games, which was highly evaluated by the General Administration of Sport of China.In the Dragon Boat Festival of 2021, CCTV visited yinghu Scenic Spot and made a special report on it for seven minutes, which greatly enhanced the popularity and reputation of the scenic spot.Taking the scenic spot camp as the study and exchange base, the scenic spot has absorbed the photography of teachers and students of art colleges, and the natural art sketch camp and the swimming and basketball summer camp have been opened successively, injecting a strong cultural atmosphere into the tourist environment of the scenic spot.”Yingjia · Gengdu”, a boutique b&B launched by the scenic spot, officially meets with tourists, which not only improves tourists’ experience, but also promotes the development of the local b&B industry.Through a series of bold attempts and effective exploration, Yinghu Scenic spot has improved the cultural connotation of the scenic spot, so as to provide high-quality tourism experience for tourists and meet their cultural needs when playing.Yinghu Hotel is located on Cuiping Island, the scenic spot of Yinghu Lake. It is the only waterfront island hotel in the northwest.The hotel set catering, accommodation, health, conference in one, a total of 65 rooms, with standard room, view room, luxury view room and other different rooms.The guest room is decorated with warm and fashionable, wide view balcony and pleasant scenery.The hotel has a total construction area of 8500 square meters, and the overall layout is inverted “product” shape. The decoration style refers to suzhou garden style architecture, and the overall decoration style is warm, comfortable and atmospheric.Catering is divided into three areas, there is a combination of Chinese and Western cafeterias, as well as the local lake fish restaurant, you can enjoy the characteristics of Ying Lake cuisine, while enjoying the lake sunrise and sunset bamboo scenery.Located on the left side of the hall, leisure tea ceremony, elegant style, beautiful environment, leisure friends, business negotiations, taste life must choose.The hotel is also equipped with ankang city’s only heated swimming pool, gym and other places.Aerial view of Yinghu Hotel, Courtyard of Yinghu Hotel, Restaurant of Yinghu Hotel