Married to a worthless husband?Ningbo graduate student science and technology male even computer can’t do, wife gas to vomit blood!

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When it comes to the use and repair of some electronic products, as well as home appliances and plumbing, men are better than women.However, recently, Ningbo xiaomei joked that she married a waste husband, a handsome graduate student who can’t even do a computer.A few days ago, Ningbo small beauty to husband installed a cat eye.However, Mei’s husband found another man to help her.Mei always believed that men were born to be the king of electronic products, until she met her husband, a man who majored in science and engineering from high school to graduate school. He couldn’t install WIFI, car dashcam, switch, electronic cat eyes and Excel formula.Also, Amy had to install her own computer system.Anyway, Amy doesn’t know what a man is supposed to do.As a result, Mei had to study and assemble the items herself or ask her male friends to help install them.For this matter, many ningbo people have words: Pei Shishi: either lazy, or not strong in practical ability.Pei Wenwen: Graduate students can not change the light bulb more.I’m a researcher. I use my head, not my hands.Pei Qiangqiang: male friend just passing by.Your man will not I will, your man will I more expert.Liu Xiaoyi: I think so. I guess I’m too lazy to start.What do you think about this?Welcome to comment!