Gu Ailing’s success behind the family and family education to us

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The enthusiasm of Winter Olympic people concerned about ice and snow sports is unprecedented because of Gu Ailing.When people admire her winning the championship, they will naturally think of her family and family education.Carefully consult all kinds of information and watch the reporter interview her and her mother’s program, finally understand the following points: one.Understanding and respect.For example, Gu Ailing called her mother before the last jump, and her mother advised her to strive for the silver medal. After hearing this, gu told her mother that she decided to fight and challenge herself. Her mother said that she respected her choice and just enjoyed the competition.Her mother’s practice undoubtedly made Gu Ailing less psychological pressure and burden in the last jump. Under the condition of no pressure, it is easy for people to perform beyond normal.twoGive space, trust, support and encouragement.The mother is present but not in control, giving advice and respecting the daughter’s own decisions.Grandma always said she was the best, always the best.She was brought up in this kind of environment.”She likes piano, chess, painting and calligraphy. She does it herself, and I give her an atmosphere.”Gu decided to pursue a professional career and her mother allowed her to finish high school early.She determined the idea, let her put it into action, stick to it, and finally unexpected results!3.Strong genetics.Gu’s grandmother graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, her grandfather graduated from Stanford University, her father graduated from Harvard University, and her mother graduated from Stanford University. They are excellent students with strong genes.They have a strong self-discipline and action, naturally influenced Gu Ailing, the power of example is infinite.Gu’s parents have been strict in time management since she was a child. After school, gu never dropped all kinds of activities and courses, such as basketball, football, piano, ballet and skiing, because she was admitted to Stanford university after a few months.Four.Develop a variety of hobbies, not a single test score.Gu’s mother never limits her daughter’s development.Besides learning, there are many important and fun things to do.Her mother said, “The college entrance examination is not the end, nor is the PhD. Love of learning and lifelong learning is the key.””I don’t need her to go to Stanford.Gu said, “Don’t be afraid to be different from others. Life is always changing.”Five.An unbounded love of sports.Study is important, but sports can not be less, sports for character development, the ability to resist frustration are very important.Her mother asked Gu to understand that “sports and study complement each other and are never opposite.”Why are you so good at sports and not so bad at school?Because sports help her maintain good concentration.Every time she participates in sports, she focuses more in school and gets higher grades.Six.Combine work and rest, get enough sleep.10 hours of sleep a day is the guarantee of doing other things.Seven.Financial support.Skiing is very expensive. You have to pay for equipment and competitions.Eight.With love and company to create a confident and sunny Gu Ailing.All in all, Gu’s family education and environment are worthy of our parents’ good learning and reference. We should learn to tolerate, recognize, appreciate, encourage and accept gu’s mother.