Famous brand, fined $2.38 million

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Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was fined more than 2.38 million yuan for publishing false advertisements, according to the website of the Shanghai Municipal Market Regulation Bureau.On January 31, the reporter called Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD., the phone could not be connected.According to the administrative penalty decision, the Shanghai Municipal Market Regulation Bureau found that during the period of October 2019 to December 19, 2019, in order to promote The Terun Repair muscle penetration essence product,Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Commerce and Trade Co., LTD., through Dragon TV, official website and other channels, releases videos or print advertisements showing product efficacy, including “young index +77%” and “soft index +17% smooth index +20% bright index +15%”, with small notes attached.This part of the advertising cost totaled 2,381,671 million yuan.The Shanghai Market Regulatory Bureau also determined that the ads were based on clinical reports from third-party testing laboratories commissioned by the company.After verification of clinical reports, it has been found that the efficacy of “youth index +77%”, “soft +17% smooth +20% bright +15%” and other functions advertised in the above advertisements are based on the research data obtained from samples of different ages under certain restrictions and combined with the use of sunscreen products.And the company refers to the overall concept of “youth” as a partial measure of the number of skin metabolite types recovered.Decision, according to the expert discussion meeting and visit a professional institutions and professionals to find out, the recovery of skin metabolites species number is not the same as the degree of skin young, and a sample of age metabolites to the skin, smooth degree, smooth degree, has a great influence on degree of luster bright, age, skin condition improved, the more obvious effect.At the same time, the consumer survey results show that the small print in the advertisements involved in the case is not enough to make consumers fully aware of the true meaning and prerequisite conditions of the efficacy of relevant products, and the advertising content has a substantial impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior.Market supervision bureau said that Shanghai, estee lauder (Shanghai) trading co., LTD., the behavior of the violation of the law of the People’s Republic of China advertisement law “article 28 (1) of paragraph 1 of article 4 and, the provisions of paragraph 2 of the second, and according to the advertisement law of the People’s Republic of China article 55 (1) and the administrative punishment law of the People’s Republic of China the provisions specified in the first paragraph of article 32,Order it to stop issuing illegal advertisements, eliminate the influence in the corresponding scope, and to its advertising costs a fine of one time, that is, 2,381,671 million yuan.Estee Lauder official website and Tmall, JINGdong official flagship store has not been found relevant expressions estee Lauder official website shows that the product registration of small brown bottle essence is called Estee Lauder Embellish repair muscle active essence.The seventh generation of small brown bottle essence claims “new dimension of repair acceleration and youth”, “+25% accelerated pale lines” and “10 dimensions of young skin”.On January 31, Estee Lauder jingdong official flagship store customer service told reporters, muscle penetration essence dew with muscle active essence dew are small brown bottles.The reporter noticed that in estee Lauder’s official website, Tmall and JINGdong platform, small brown bottle series of product display, the product efficacy of the statement are marked with corresponding small notes, indicating the data source and “the actual effect varies from person to person”.The above illegal expressions have not been found.Estee Lauder has been fined a number of times for false advertising.According to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, on June 16, 2021, Estee Lauder was fined 400,000 yuan by the Jing ‘an District Market Supervision Bureau of Shanghai for “false or misleading commercial publicity”, “overstating product efficacy and misleading consumers (the whistleblowers) by overstating the whole picture”.The case of administrative penalty decision shows that the administrative penalty involved estee Lauder group’s two brands – Clinique and yue wood source, which claimed that “4weeks improve acne print”, “12weeks improve skin self-healing force”, can not provide the relevant basis to prove the effect;It claims to “promote wound improvement” and “remove wrinkles”, but the literature provided by Estee Lauder is actually based on the papers of scientific researchers, without the detection report of professional institutions.On July 30, 2018, Estee Lauder was also fined 110,000 yuan by the Minhang District Market Supervision Administration for false publicity.According to the administrative penalty decision, since December 2014, Clinique, a brand owned by estee lauder, in order to highlight the advantages of its moisturizing essence products, advertised the product on the official flagship store of Clinique on tmall, and won the award of “China 2012Elle best moisturizing product”. However, after investigation,The above products are imported non-special purpose cosmetics, but did not win the award of “China 2012Elle best moisturizing product”.The website of clinique’s official flagship store sells this product and uses the terms “best” and other advertising terms, which are absolutive terms prohibited by the state.The punishment also shows that estee lauder has used the “efficacy: anti-sensitivity” promotion content on the product page of jun jing zhuo yan quarantine cream SPF30+/PA+++ on the official tmall clinique flagship store since November 2016.However, after verification, this product is imported sunscreen, freckle-removing special purpose cosmetics, non-medical equipment and medicine, in fact, does not have anti-sensitivity effect, Estee Lauder can not provide the basis for its anti-sensitivity effect.Important notice!Fujian health code has big changes since 21st exclusive!Super beautiful!Have you ever seen a Jinjiang like this?Proud!Quanzhou successfully applied for world Heritage!Jinjiang “beauty” take you back to song and Yuan dreams……Source | 987 car radio, southern metropolis daily reports, N video editing | | Chen Yueyan audit Huang Changmu town industry Mei-fang Chen