Civil servants may be transferred to the “appointment system” and their annual salary is expected to rise to 200,000 yuan, but some people are happy and others are worried

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Most students choose to go to college in order to gain an advantage in the future job market, but now with the decline of employment trend, more and more college graduates are faced with the difficulty of finding jobs.However, there are still many students who are struggling to find suitable jobs, and civil servants are one of them. However, civil servants are expected to receive a salary increase as well as a change in the employment system.Civil servants are expected to undergo a major readjust, and many students apply for the job every year.Among them, the most important thing for students and their parents is the “stability” of civil service. Since it is difficult for most college graduates to find a job, most students want to get a stable job, so civil service has become the first choice for most students after graduation.However, not all jobs will always be stable. The civil service may be moved to the “appointment system”, which means that the civil service may be put on a “contract system”. Most importantly, the civil service may no longer be entitled to staffing.However, if the “appointment system” is implemented, the annual salary of civil servants is also expected to be raised to 200,000 yuan, and some positions may even reach 300,000 yuan. I have to say, such figures are really attractive.However, when civil servants hear such news, there are both joy and worry, because some people think that if the appointment system is implemented, their jobs will not be very stable, and there will be the risk of unemployment at any time.However, some people think that the appointment system is a good thing for civil servants. It can not only increase employees’ motivation to work, but also increase their salary. It is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.In fact, I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what students think. If students don’t mind, they can choose to apply for the civil service and prepare for the civil service exam, so that students can go ashore more likely.Officeholder post is advantageous also has disadvantage, the student enters oneself for an examination also need cautious a few actually the author thinks, although say officeholder post is worth the student to choose very much, but it also has advantages and disadvantages, if the student has the idea to enter oneself for an examination of officeholder, so also must be cautious a few.And if the “appointment system” is implemented in the civil service, the iron rice bowl will be broken, which means that the job of the civil service will not be stable, after all, most students just want to find a stable job.If even the job of civil servant is not stable, then it is really not worthwhile for students to choose the job, and some students are not suitable for the job of civil servant.Therefore, students before registering for the civil service work, must carefully consider, if really decided to register for the word, so students also want to find a goal, and actively work hard to prepare.If students want to exit the civil service, you should make the spirit of an extremely to enter oneself for an examination the students of civil servants working hard more and more, only a few students can successfully went ashore, which requires students to make the spirit of an extremely when enter oneself for an examination of civil servants to work, after all, as the saying goes “are left to have the opportunity to prepare the people”.First, prepare for the civil service exam.No matter what kind of exam students take, are the need for students to review in advance, civil servant exam is no exception, after all, the difficulty of civil servant exam is not small, naturally need students to pay more attention to review.Second, adjust your attitude before taking the civil service exam.Some students, no matter what exams they take, will feel very nervous, because they are afraid of losing in the exam, especially in such a large exam, so if students want to successfully land civil servants, adjust a good attitude is very important, students must pay attention to.In a word, the civil servant position is indeed a relatively good job, but it is not easy for students to successfully land as civil servants. If students do not know how to work hard, let alone successfully land, they may not even have the opportunity to register for an examination.So, when students want to enter oneself for an examination the idea of civil servants, it should be in all aspects to improve themselves, because only the students become more and more outstanding, can stand out in the middle of the civil service exam, the greater the chances for such students ashore will be, want to take an examination of the male students must grasp the skills, strive for one-time success.Topic of the day: Do you think the civil service should change to “appointment system”?(All pictures are from the Internet, please contact delete if infringement.) For more exciting content, follow Rui rui’s parents preach