Zhejiang: 2.25 million people out of poverty were employed stably

2022-06-24 0 By

Zhejiang province has integrated the cooperation between the east and the west into the demonstration zone for high-quality development and common prosperity in a unified plan and simultaneous promotion, focusing on consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation, improving the employment quality of migrant workers, especially those who have been lifted out of poverty, and focusing on helping Sichuan in pairs.By the end of 2021, the number of non-provincial workers in Zhejiang is 23.04 million, an increase of 1.45 million.2.25 million people will be lifted out of poverty in Zhejiang, more than 2020;The labor force of Sichuan province in Zhejiang reaches 1.774 million people, among which 160,000 people are employed by the people out of poverty in Zhejiang. The scale is stable and rising.Zhejiang province has issued policies and opinions on stabilizing posts and staying workers. Last Spring Festival, 57% of employees from outside the province stayed on posts, and all work is being carried out in an orderly manner this year.Optimize employment and entrepreneurship policies and measures, make it clear that people out of poverty can enjoy equal employment and entrepreneurship support in Our province, and enjoy subsidies for renting houses, transportation and family visits, etc.We will strengthen the provision of services, explore management reform of the new points-based system for rural residents, and coordinate efforts to resolve difficulties in education and housing for the children of migrant workers.Iteratively update the “digital employment platform”, centering on the whole process of “entering, managing and leaving”, accurately grasp and track the employment situation of people serving poverty alleviation in Zhejiang.The government and the market will work together to meet the demand for labor and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.At the government level, the “ten provinces, 100 cities and 1,000 counties” inter-provincial labor service cooperation was deepened, with agreements signed, regular meetings held and information exchanged. Last year, 463 labor service agreements were signed between provinces, cities and counties.At the same time, human resources institutions, industrial parks and industry associations have been actively organized to field docking in labor export provinces. Up to now, 195 labor workstations outside the province have been established.We will encourage local governments to explore innovative recruitment models and improve the effectiveness of recruitment.For example, Through the “1+N” Hangzhou main venue, Hangzhou connects with more than 60 sub-venues of 13 provinces across the country, forming the scale effect of “connecting hundreds of cities, gathering thousands of enterprises and sending thousands of posts”.Shaoxing city launched an employment caravan to sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces to conduct recruitment in villages and villages.The province has held more than 4,100 online and offline recruitment activities and released 2.8 million positions.At the same time, we have guided enterprises to step up the development of caring jobs, providing 75,000 caring jobs regardless of age, skills or educational background, and ensuring a basic salary of more than 4,500 yuan. At present, nearly 10,000 people are working out of poverty.Improving the skills of workers is fundamental to ensuring stable employment and achieving high-quality employment.Last year, the provincial people’s and Social Security Office held 1,158 training courses on labor cooperation, and organized 71,000 rural laborers to participate.In 68 twinning counties in Sichuan, we provided training in housekeeping services, medical care and elderly care, urban cleaning, logistics and distribution, and port affairs and seamen, to help train leaders and professional and technical personnel to become rich.The cooperative training mechanism of Zhejiang technical schools was deepened, and the targeted enrollment target of Zhejiang technical schools was expanded from students from poverty-stricken families to other rural families. The province enrolled 3,681 rural students from paired areas.Give full play to the advantages of Zhejiang’s innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and help pair areas carry out training for entrepreneurship teachers and rural e-commerce.Relying on the industrial cooperation mechanism between the east and the west, China will help the pair regions introduce and cultivate a number of industries and parks with distinctive features, outstanding advantages and strong demonstration, and create a large number of local jobs.For example, centering on the “10+3” modern agricultural system in Sichuan, we will help build 10 demonstration projects in the chain of “seed industry park + Plantation + Industrial park + logistics Park” featuring agriculture and animal husbandry.Last year, a total of 565 enterprises were guided to invest in Sichuan, 60 industrial parks were built, 255 enterprises were introduced and fostered, providing 40,000 jobs, attracting 18,723 rural laborers and 5,136 people out of poverty.Source: Cnn.com