You put 10,000 in and you get 3,000 original shares, and that’s good?

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On February 15, Xixi police station and district pudong Development Bank Wenhui branch police and silver joint anti-fraud, successfully dissuaded a high return for bait telecom network fraud cases, timely to restore the property losses of the masses.In the afternoon, grandma Sand, who lives in Xixi district, went to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wenhui Branch to handle cash remittance business, happened to be the bank’s customer manager next to Grandma sand, for service guidance consideration, the manager came forward to ask the business of grandma sand milk.When see grandma hands when writing a business to handle the full steps of note, customer manager suddenly felt something was wrong, this is clearly directed it to carry out, someone think of jurisdiction xixi police station often have police come to issue anti cheat flyer, to bank staff to carry out anti cheat the propaganda of knowledge, it may not reminiscent of the grandma is met a fraud,So the manager immediately informed the superior leadership and telephone to the police station for help.After receiving the alarm, Xixi police station immediately sent police to Pufa Wenhui branch, and grandma began to “anti-fraud seesaw war”.Reach the bank, the police learned that this is a so-called trade company customer service and sand grandma’s business commitments, grandma just download one APP, the company to let public account and deposit ten thousand yuan, is available on the APP mall shopping consumption, not only that, but also can get the 3000 original, after company listed, can obtain several times earnings.As long as you save ten thousand earnings can be multiplied several times, Sand grandma moved, plus there is a red document stamped with the official seal, grandma more believe.The scene, the police patiently and grandma sand analysis of this typical scam, and grandma sand examples of other similar cases, tell the sky will not fall pie, cheated victims also paid a painful lesson, grandma sand this from deeply believed began to slowly wake up.In order to prevent the elderly from being deceived, in recent years, Xixi Police Station is also constantly improving the ways and means of anti-fraud work, through a variety of publicity, into the district units, schools, communities, set off a “nationwide anti-fraud” upsurge.Especially for the area of the banks, but also as an important position of anti-fraud work, through the organization of learning, publicity, mobilization of more bank employees to participate in the anti-fraud work together, find together, dissuade together, from the capital channel timely stop loss.You put 10,000 in and you get 3,000 original shares, and that’s good?You put 10,000 in and you get 3,000 original shares, and that’s good?