“Pit pickled cabbage” follow-up: Yueyang Huarong County, Junshan district 4 cadres were held responsible

2022-06-24 0 By

CCTV “3 · 15” the party exposure of hunan yueyang huarong, junshan island area flag food industry, food jars qiao five companies such as sauerkraut production related quality problems, after both party committee attaches great importance to the government, law enforcement, investigations on fast, and the problem such as lax supervision, poor started to chase asked, head of the food safety supervision.On the evening of March 16, the Standing Committee of Huarong County Committee decided to suspend he Fang, the director of the Market Supervision Administration of Huarong County, and remove Xu Yujun, the party committee member and deputy director of the Market supervision Administration of Huarong County, who was in charge of food safety.The Standing Committee of Junshan District Committee decided to suspend Wan Yue, party secretary and director of Junshan District Market Supervision Administration, and remove Dai Zhonghua, party member and deputy director of Junshan District Market Supervision Administration, who is in charge of food safety work.Source: Yueyang Daily wechat official number