Lawyer worried about jiang Ge mother Jiang Qiulian paranoid shrew?To find out why the court refused to allow Liu Xin to testify

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At 9:30 on February 16, Jiang Ge’s mother Jiang Qiulian v. Liu Nuanxi (formerly Liu Xin) right to life dispute case of the second trial in Qingdao Intermediate Court, has not appeared before Liu Xin personally appeared in court, and Jiang Qiulian due to physical reasons did not appear in court.Liu Xin was represented by Hu Guiyun and Jiang Qiulian by Huang Leping.Liu Xin believes that he is not at fault, should not bear civil liability for compensation.After nearly four hours of trial, the court adjourned for sentencing.”My witness has been preparing hard for a long time since she wanted to testify for me. She stayed up all night with us and prepared for me. I can’t accept the court’s refusal to allow her to testify.Listen carefully tonight to what she knows and knows.”The press conference began 40 minutes after Liu Xin left, words and witnesses to cut?Did you walk away from a woman reporter who didn’t like what she heard?Is Jiang Qiulian’s illness not in court a lawyer’s strategy?Lawyer first meeting is not allowed to take photos, the most worried about Jiang Qiulian is paranoid shrew?Details, xiaobian immediately parsing!Jiang Qiulian did not appear in court because of physical discomfort reporters will start 40 minutes after Liu Xin left, words in words and witnesses to cut?”As for the witness and her testimony, I didn’t ask her or know her before the trial,” Liu told a news conference.Xiaobian sees here thinking, Liu Xin is actually drawing a line in the sand with the “witness”, implying that he does not know what the “witness” will say in advance, and the “witness” will be responsible for what happens in the future.But xiaobian has a puzzle in mind, is not also apply for this witness to appear in court?Let her be a witness in a serious courtroom without knowing what she’s going to say?Playing fast and loose with the law?The courthouse is your front door?The “witness” was repeatedly questioned by the media, and liu left the meeting 40 minutes after it began.Liu Xin (right) and the “witness” (left) were questioned about the witness’s remarks.After Liu Xin left, the press conference turned into a “witness” monologuelasting more than an hour, I believe that many netizens like xiaobian, before seeing curious thought there was something to explode, after seeing feel a waste of time, no wonder the court rejected the “witness” application to appear in court.Present media mostly listen impatiently, have real hammer you put ah, pull seven pull eight of, “your present speech is not witness identity?””Your name?””As a witness, please present your evidence, not challenge the previous verdict…”Did not expect the “witness” temper is quite big, with a female reporter after a small dispute was angrily rebuked, “you don’t like to listen to can go out, I said to other reporters!”Jiang Ge (left) and Jiang Qiulian used to be happy times Jiang Qiulian was not sick in court a lawyer’s strategy?After the court hearing, Jiang Qiulian, who did not appear in court, thanked her lawyer Huang Leping via social media, “Thank you and Lawyer Li for your hard work. Have a safe trip!”Huang replied, “Thank you!And you can have a good rest.”Xiaobian think Jiang Qiulian does not appear in court is the strategy given by the lawyer, because liu Xin’s appeal can be seen that there is no valuable supplementary evidence, the possibility of maintaining the original judgment is larger, Jiang Qiulian court to see Liu Xin if he cannot control his emotions, but will bring hidden trouble to the secure situation.Xiaobian also thinks it is appropriate for her not to appear in court and for her lawyer to deal with it.Want to know at the beginning when Huang Leping considers whether take over the case most worry is jiang Qiulian’s mood!Liu Xin’s lawyer Hu Guiyun lawyer first meeting is not allowed to take photos, the most worried about Jiang Qiulian is paranoid shrew?”When we first met on September 23, 2019, we were very cautious and agreed not to take photos.Before we met, I had learned from the media that Ms. Jiang qiulian was somewhat of a shrew, but her impression was not particularly good, although I sympathized with her very much.Since my career, I have seen too many petitioners, more paranoid rights defenders, and even some people kneel down when they see me, saying that I will not get up if you do not represent my case.This is a public case, and if she had been a paranoid, uncontrollable client, I wouldn’t have had to take her case, because all that work would have been wasted.A second meeting was held on September 28.Ms. Jiang’s two expressions were basically the same and logical, including her opinions and feelings, without obvious changes, and could withstand our questioning.So I think Jiang is more likely to be rational.Mr Wong Lok Ping (left) and Ms Kong Chiu-lian